Sodapop Bio-Poem

Character Bio-Poem


Sodapop Curtis

Relative of Darry and Ponyboy Curtis

Tuff, Easy Going, Loyal, and Carefree

Lover of horses and cars

Who feels an understanding on everyone’s point of view, love towards his (ex) girlfriend (Sandy), in the middle of every situation

Who has been left by his girlfriend (Sandy), part of the greasers: the rumble, working at a gas station

Who needed support, love, and togetherness

Who feared family and others getting hurt, and a lonely heart

Who gave his time to make money for his family and (was willing to give up) life to support Sandy and her baby

Who longed for peace in his family and for Ponyboy to not turn up like him

Who would like to see Ponyboy graduate High School, get Sandy’s love, and Pony and Darry get along

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