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Letter Essay #7: The Aenied

April 21, 2018 Aeneas and his family running away from Ilium/Troy. I hated the Aeneid.   I recently read it, and after reading Homer, this 442 page long classic (written in the style of poetry) by Virgil, is extremely boring.  Robert Fitzgerald’s translation was published in 1983 and is very, very bland. If books were … Continue reading Letter Essay #7: The Aenied

Letter Essay #4- Sarah Allen (book:1984)

Big Brother is watching you. 12/29/17 I recently read the novel 1984– the 328 page long dystopian horror novel by George Orwell, the author of Animal Farm, Down and Out in Paris and London, Burmese Days, A Clergyman’s Daughter, Keep the Aspidistra Flying, Coming Up for Air, Homage to Catalonia (autobiography), and several essays, most … Continue reading Letter Essay #4- Sarah Allen (book:1984)

Letter Essay #3: Sarah Allen (Children of Dune)

11/17     A fan-done piece of artwork; a sandworm hunt I recently finished Children of Dune, a classic sci-fi 408 page long masterpiece by Frank Herbert.  Frank Herbert is an American author (1920-1986) who wrote Dune and its sequels.  His son, Brian Herbert, and the writer Kevin J. Anderson later continued the series with … Continue reading Letter Essay #3: Sarah Allen (Children of Dune)