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Katharine’s Letter Essay #7: Finding Audrey

Recently, I finished reading the novel Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella, a 286 page realistic fiction book. Sophie Kinsella is a #1 best selling author and she also wrote the Shopaholic book series that is also a very popular series. Finding Audrey  was published recently in 2015. I chose to read this book because my … Continue reading Katharine’s Letter Essay #7: Finding Audrey

Bio Poem: Katharine B.

 Katharine Sympathetic, trustworthy, honest, athletic   Daughter of Michele and Joe, sister of James       Lover of sports, swimming in pools in the summer, and cold weather Who feels thankful of family, friends, and my dog Who finds happiness when with friends, skiing in Vermont, and when playing soccer and lacrosse. Who needs laughter, sports, and fun … Continue reading Bio Poem: Katharine B.