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It Isn’t Racist-Bring The “Redskins” Back

  When you think of the names Redskins or Braves what do you think? Most people would think “They’re just names of sports teams.” But they’re not; Instead these names have a far deeper meaning behind them. The names were given to these teams to represent Native Americans; to honor them after the unacceptable treatment … Continue reading It Isn’t Racist-Bring The “Redskins” Back

The Washington Redskins Name Isn’t Disrespectful

Assumptions can cause real problems in this world. That is why we need to think before we act.. There have been times where I’m talking to somebody and they misinterpret what I said and take it as an attack or an insult. This also happens outside of conversations. There are times where organizations have questionable … Continue reading The Washington Redskins Name Isn’t Disrespectful

NFL Shouldn’t Expand Playoffs

Multiple times, Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the National Football League, has speculated about expanding the league’s playoffs. Two more teams would be added if this happened, and according to Goodell himself, the proposal will be getting “serious consideration” (1). This is a bad idea, and if it were to happen, it would take away … Continue reading NFL Shouldn’t Expand Playoffs