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Victoria’s Letter Essay #8 – Dorothy Must Die

I finished the book Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige. It has 452 pages in it. I read it because I found online recommends and someone working for the Easton Public Library recommended it. Danielle Paige has written a couple of other books, mostly centering around Dorothy Must Die like Heart of Tin. Heart of … Continue reading Victoria’s Letter Essay #8 – Dorothy Must Die

Victoria’s Letter Essay #5: Matched

I finished the book from my book club book, Matched, it is 366 pages. The author is Ally Condie. It is about this society where they make everyone, everyone thing, and society at its whole perfect. They only have 100 poems, 100 songs, books, paintings. All diseases were eliminated. They have scheduled everything, free time, … Continue reading Victoria’s Letter Essay #5: Matched

Victoria’s Letter Essay #9: “Marley & Me”

  I just finished reading Marley a dog like no other. It is 250 pages. It’s by John Grogan. It is about a family who got a golden retriever puppy that is misbehaved, troublesome,  energetic, but also gets his feelings hurt easily and loving. His name is Marley and the 2 some family got a … Continue reading Victoria’s Letter Essay #9: “Marley & Me”

Victoria’s Journalism Week 1

I love animals especially pets because they are nicer, make us live longer, and better for humans. I remember whenever anyone had a new pet even if it was tiny and always wanted to see it.  Myself, I have always had pets in my life. I have had 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 3 guinea … Continue reading Victoria’s Journalism Week 1