Monday Musings #5

My muse is going to be on money. I think that when people just take money, even low denominations such as 1’s, and crumple them up or write on them, it is as disrespectful as when people drop the American flag. By defacing monetary instruments, like money, people are showing a, maybe subconscious, disrespect for America. This is true because American money is recognized as a gold standard around the world. If you were to go the England and show a few random civilians a cut-up, and spray painted US flag, they would wonder, most likely, do the American citizens have any respect for the most prestigious symbol of their nation? Money is, in my opinion, the third most recognizable symbol of America, after Ronald McDonald and the flag. By writing phrases such as “call jenn @ 4 4 lunch” on dollar bills, they show a lack of respect for not only a dollar, but the country that relies on trillions of those dollars.

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