Dylan, Where Are You From?

Dylan, where you from?

Where you from, Dylan?


I’m from covering Kam in doritos while he’s asleep, then slapping him awake with a bagel. “Where am I?” he asked. “And why am I covered in doritos?” he wondered.


I’m from still drinking chocolate milk instead of coffee because I think it tastes bad, but drinking coffee when I want to look important. I also don’t shave for a few days to let everyone know I’m older now and I can grow facial hair.


I’m from going upstairs to get something, but then forgetting what I was supposed to get and going back downstairs. Then I remember and have to go upstairs again. Sometimes I forget to eat.


I’m from staying up late at night even though I have something in the morning, because I’m busy playing video games with my friends and I can just nap in the car anyway.


I’m that bagel-slapping, chocolate-milk-drinking, task-forgetting, video game-playing boy.



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