Will’s Letter Essay #3: Fantasy League

I finished reading the novel Fantasy League written by Mike Lupica, 293 pages in length. It is a sports novel. Charlie Gaines, a 12- year old boy who is the king of pro football fantasy leagues. Also, known as Brain (to his football team). He knows everything about football, he would do anything for football. He knows football inside and out. When he watches football, he studies everything that is happening on the screen in front of him. His life is football. NFL football has returned to Los Angeles for the first time in almost 20 years. He was so excited but then remembered that the L.A. Bulldogs suck at football. With all his knowledge he has is there a way for Charlie to bring the Bulldogs back to victory again? He has spoken with the teams owner and does he have a way to bring the Bulldogs back to the top.

The main character of the novel Fantasy League is named Charlie Gaines. Football expert, student and a smart kid. He never misses a football game. All of his hard work pays off when he goes to the owner of the Bulldogs and gives him some ideas about how to bring the team back. He doesn’t just watch football, he plays for the Culver City Cardinals, Pop Warner, with his best friend Kevin. Even though, he is a bench warmer on the football team. Everything turns around when a girl from school named Anna, comes up with this idea, to make a podcast all about football with Charlie because she also loves football. A podcast all about football, stats, players, game scores, insane plays and breaking news. It is like ESPN. Anna putting the script, plans, dates for the show and getting the word out to the people about the show. Then, The Charlie Show was born.

I was confused that the author included a girl knowing so much about football and loving it as much as Charlie. Why couldn’t the author included a boy in the show? Is he trying to prove a point? This book reminded me of The Underdogs because Will Tyler loved playing football as much as Charlie does. I didn’t clearly understand the plot and structure of this book. The plot was confusing because it was from NFL games to fantasy to Pop Warner. The structure of the book was confusing too because it was to fast from event to a event.

Fantasy League is a sports novel written by Mike Lupica. I recommend this book to people who like sports and playing sports. I rate this novel a 6 out of 10.

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2 thoughts on “Will’s Letter Essay #3: Fantasy League

  1. I love reading mike lupic’s books. I mostly like them because I like sports. I suggest that you read the book Travel Team. Also go visit my class blog. Faithfulleadership.edublogs.com

  2. I read first team by Mike Lupic. It was a good book. I really like your letter essay and all the detail you included. I should read it, it sounds like a good book that someone should read if they already have read Mike Lupic books like Andrew and I.
    Keep up the good effort,

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