Cut It Out!

“ Can you two please, STOP, you are giving me a headache,” my mom screamed. Apparently, my brother Matt and I couldn’t hear her due to the fact that we continued fighting over the stupidest thing. A blender. Why? I don’t know why, but I guess that’s what siblings do. My long brown hair draped down the side of my arm, as my brother and I were still fighting over who could mix first.

“ Matthew Christopher Hartmann,” I would say trying to sound strict so he would cave… He didn’t.

“ Julia Lynn Hartmann,” he would respond in a laughing matter. All of a sudden I felt my hair getting tugged. I assumed it was my mom, but it couldn’t have been because she was walking up the stairs. I thought, what is happening? If this is Matt I am going to be mad. It didn’t take long to realize that my hair was getting pulled by the spinning blender in the bowl. Ok, this is bad…

Almost about 20 minutes earlier my brother and I finished our homework left with nothing to do. There is this rule in our house that you can’t watch television during the week. Mom’s rules. Obviously, the kids don’t agree with that, but what can you do? We decided to make brownies for the fun of it. I grabbed the eggs and vegetable oil as my brother hauled the bowl and batter down from the top shelf. I guess we should have switched.

After placing all of the ingredients into the large glass bowl it was time for the best part of it ALL, the blender. Why was it the best part? That I do not know. Whenever we take out the blender there are always arguments about who gets to use it first.

“ I call using it first,” I shouted loud enough for Matt to hear me. Also in my household it is mostly goes to whoever calls it first, for everything besides the front seat in the cat. My sisters get that one. Ya, we may need to tweak some of these rules a little bit.

“But that’s not fair,” complained Matt.

“ Too late,” I responded. “ You can use it after me.”

“Fine,” he responded so I could barely hear him.

1 minutes later.

“OK, you have had it long enough it’s my turn now,” Matt argued.

“ I just got it. I have only had it for 1 minutes,” I proclaimed as the rebuttal. Here comes the counterclaim.

“ It is almost fully mixed, give it to me,” Matt said yanking the bowl towards him. Well of course I yanked it back.

“ Can you two please, STOP, you’re giving me headache,” my mother announced. The bickering continued. Out of nowhere I could feel my hair getting tugged, assuming it was my mother I turned around just to see her head up the stairs. I looked down… Long hair. Running blender. Fighting brother. Bad choice.

“ Ahh,Ahh,” I screamed noticing that my hair had gotten caught in the blender and it was getting closer to my head. My brother just sat there like nothing was happening. It was getting closer to my head but I couldn’t seem to shut it off.

My mother can rushing down the flight of stairs, when she saw what was going on she rushed over shutting the blender off and unhooked the machine from the two blenders. There was brownie mix every where.

“ I told you two to stop, you didn’t and look what happened,” my mom said trying to keep it together as my brother snuck up the stairs.

“ I am soooooooooooooooo sorry mom,” I knew that wouldn’t cut it.

“ This is what happens when you don’t listen,” my mother said as she called Matt down from upstairs. I knew he wouldn’t get off the hook that easy. My mother, brother, and I first cleaned up the kitchen still with two mixers hanging from my hair. At that point I just wanted to go to bed, but I couldn’t due to the fact that half of my hair was covered in brownie mix.

After a lecture we tried to detach my hair from the brownie blenders, It took about an hour to detach them from my hair. I wouldn’t allow my mom to cut any of my hair off. I learned that you should always share, don’t fight, and listen to your mother. The brownies weren’t that good, and my brother and I ended up saying sorry to each other. Every single time we would make anything that included the blender we wouldn’t fight anymore because, we didn’t want to repeat what happened that night in the kitchen.

Another thing to never do is to wear your hair down while using a blender, I learned the hard way.

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2 thoughts on “Cut It Out!

  1. Dear Julia,
    Your story was so good!! It included a lot of suspense as well as some humor. You added a lot of authors craft as well. Your story was very interesting.
    Good Job!!!!
    Hannah Wergeles

  2. Julia-
    Great job. I really liked the way you added short then long sentences. your use of dialogues really added to you overall story. I could tell you worked hard at adding the authors craft.

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