Hanna’s Letter Essay 4: UnWholly

I just finished reading UnWholly a 402 page dystopian novel by Neal Shusterman.

Neal Shusterman is most know for the Skinjacker Trilogy, which this is the second book in. He grew up in Brooklyn and started writing at an early age. Neal has written a few screenplays and a few T.V  shows. His books have received rewards from International Reading Association and American library Association.

This novel is about how kids get signed up by their parents to be unwinded, which is literally having your body being taken apart and the pieces being given to other people. There are also kids that are called tithes. Tithes were born to be unwinded, so that’s all they know… they think it´s ok. Lev was a former tithe, he was kidnapped by Connor and Risa, he was saved. Lev is on a mission to save other tithes, that’s the hardest mission of all . Connor is not suppose to be alive. He ¨died¨ in the Happy Jack Harvest Camp explosion but, he is still alive. Connor is now running the Graveyard a place for running unwinds to stay until they reach the age of seventeen but, the cops are coming and they have to run. Risa was a Ward that couldn’t be afforded for anymore. She was on the run with Connor and Lev, she lost her legs in the Happy Jack explosion but refused to get a new spine. Then she meets Cam and Roberta and everything changes.

There are a ton of main characters in this book but, my favorite one was Risa. Risa was my favorite main character because she was determined to help all of the kids in the Graveyard and put them before herself. There was a ton of character development throughout the story. The characters all started out in a place the was dark for them, throughout the story they tried to fix their lives and themselves.

This was my favorite passage:

“The ComBom hatch opens, and Hayden comes out, carrying a limp kid in his arms. He’s followed by a bunch of other kids, none of them in good shape. The Juvies move in, and so do the media.

We’re witnessing the capture of the fiana AWOL Unwinds….

The reporters don’t get close enough to stick microphones in Hayden’s face, but they don’t have to. In spite of the Juvies’ attempt to spirit him into the transport van, he shouts loud enough for everyone to hear.

We are not just AWOLS! We are not just parts! We are whole human beings- and history will look back on these times in shame!

They shove him and the other kids into the van, but before they slam the door, Hayden shouts, To the new Teen Uprising!

Then the van carries them away.

Way to go, Hayden, said Connor. Way to go!” (389-390)

I chose this passage because during this whole book they have been against unwinding but, this is the first time they get to actually speak out about it on the media. I would rate this book a 9 out of 10. This was one of the best written books that I have read in a long time and I really enjoyed it.


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6 thoughts on “Hanna’s Letter Essay 4: UnWholly

  1. Hanna,
    This sounds like a very exciting book! I like the way you tell a little bit about the Juvies in the beginning, then reveal more towards the end. All in all, amazing Letter Essay!


  2. Hanna,

    You provided a great elaborate summary of this book. It sounds like a really exciting and enjoyable book to read and it seems like you really enjoyed it. You chose a great passage to quote that gave me an idea what the book is about. I enjoyed reading your letter essay!

    -Sara Wiesenfeld

  3. Hanna,

    Your summary was very good and included lots of detail. I’ve heard of this book before and have wanted to read it. Your letter essay was very well written!!

    Good Job!!
    Hannah Wergeles

  4. I like how you choose a good quoted passage, but you suppose to describe what is happening in the passage, otherwise your Letter Essay was great.

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