Will’s Letter Essay #4: Million Dollar Throw


The novel that I currently finished is called, Million-Dollar Throw, written by Mike Lupica, a sports novel, 244 pages. Everybody calls him Nate “Brady” Brodie. Nate Brodie, a average teenager living a normal life in a small town. Living with his mom and dad, and no surprises. Until, one day he got the chance of a lifetime. Nate loves Tom Brady, Patriots QB, he lives and breathes for him. He dreams about being like him one day. Nate is the 8th grade QB for his school’s football team in Valley, Massachusetts. His family is having some hardships along the way, his dad lost his job and his mom is taking up two jobs, while they are losing their home. Meanwhile, his best friend, Abby, is losing her eyesight, as the days pass by. Nate has been saving up all of his money to buy a football signed by the Pats QB, Tom Brady. When that day came, his life changed in so many different ways. While picking up his football, he got the chance of a lifetime. To throw a million-dollar pass at the Thanksgiving Day game, at a target for 1 million dollars. There is so much pressure on his hands, if he won the prize then his family wouldn’t have to move and his family with be back on track. Will he be able to defeat the impossible? Will he use the money for his family or for Abby?

I didn’t like the way the author made Nate give the money to Abby and not keep it for his family. He should have kept it for his family because they are having hardships with money and need to get money to stay in their house in Valley. Also, I liked the way the author incorporated the problems between his family and his friend, and how he had to make a tough decision. I was excited how Nate won the contest and the craziness of the fans and his family and himself. Also, he got to meet his idol and passed the ball with him before he threw the one million dollar pass.

Million-Dollar Throw is a suspenseful, sports, excitement, crazy and amazing book to read. I give Million-Dollar Throw a 8 out of 10. People who like sports will enjoy this book.

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5 thoughts on “Will’s Letter Essay #4: Million Dollar Throw

  1. Will,
    I’m not surprised you’d like this book, considering what I know about you. But I’d like to see you read something entirely different and write a letter-essay about that for the next one. Also, remember to include a quoted passage, and to elaborate throughout your Reflection. Thanks.

  2. Will,
    I really like your summary of your book and how you put lots of background info to help me gain knowledge on the main character. This book sounds interesting to read and maybe down the road I’ll read it. As Mr. Jockers stated about forgetting to put a quoted passage is also what I’d say to improve this letter-essay.

    Parker B.

  3. Will,
    This book sounds really interesting. I not that into sports books, but when I read your Letter Essay it really made me want to read it . I wish you had a quoted passage so I could get a feel of the book! All together your letter essay was great and really interesting. Good Job!
    Issabella Merrill

  4. Will,
    I thought you gave a great summary of this book. You gave info and characteristics about Nate that helped me to understand him. Although a quoted passage would have given me a better feel of the novel, good letter essay.

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