Brendan’s Letter Essay 6

Dear Classmates,

The book that I have just finished was Catching FIre by Suzanne Collins. The reason why I read this book was because it was on my list of books that I would have liked to read and I got chosen to read it for book club. I liked this book because it had a lot of action in it but some parts of it were a little slow and I found them confusing. The reason why I thought that the book was confusing is because I had never read the Hunger Games which is the first book in the series.The other book in the series is The Mocking Jay. I did not like this book because I thought that it was confusing and I just don’t like books that take place in the future and that will most likely never happen in life.


In Catching Fire the victors of the 75th Hunger Games which is a game where 2 people get chosen from each of the 12 districts and are forced to fight each other and fight to the end. The 2 victors are Katniss Everdeen, and Peeta Mellark but there was an exception to the rule because Katniss and Peeta were the last 2 alive and said that they were going to eat poison berries and kill themselves and the people from the capital said there would be an exception and there could be 2 victors. So both Katniss and Peeta won the games. In the hunger games ever 25 years there is a special edition to the games like in the 50th the Hunger games had two times the amount of participants in that years game than any other, and there twist for the 75th games its that the competitors are all victors from previous games. So Katniss who has no luck at all has to go back into the games for another year. So she is forced to go back to fighting when she is just coming out of the games from the year before.

One part of the book that I liked in the book is when Katniss is giving the speech to district 11 where Rue a competitor in the hunger games lived. The part of this scene is when when the old man does the whistle that is a sign a rebelling and the end of her speech and she gets rushed out of there Effie hears the gunshot of the old man and Peeta says to Effie that it was just an old truck backfiring. I liked this scene because I thought that it was ridiculous that the old man was shot for making noises and then no one else was punished after the whole crowd also repeated him.

I would not recommend this book for anyone who likes and realistic books because it is not realistic at all and I just wouldn’t recommend this book at all I did not like it!!!!

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14 thoughts on “Brendan’s Letter Essay 6

  1. Dear Brendan,
    Good job on your letter essay. You did a good job including the truth about how you don’t like the book and had lots of information in your passage. One thing that you can improve on is that you need to include more paragraphs and maybe more background knowledge on the book. Either way, you did a nice job.

  2. Dear Brendan,
    I like how elaborative your summary is. I really have me a good understanding of it with out giving away the ending. I also like how elaborative you were about the scene you liked from the book. Next time you should try to elaborate more on the sentence starters.
    James porter

  3. Dear Breadon,

    Like the letter essay. There was alot of data and though put in and it shows. Great job, might check out this book later this year.


  4. Dear Brendan,

    I really enjoyed your letter essay, I also read the book and I also had similar thoughts. I liked the book, mostly based on the action. I think you put great detail into your letter essay, Great job!

  5. Dear Brendan,

    I really found your letter essay quite interesting and I thought you gave a good explanation of the story especially for someone who hasn’t read the book.

  6. Dear Brendan,
    I really liked your letter essay #6 and how you described the book. I have read the first book but have not read the second one in the trilogy yet. I hope to read this book soon (after I finish the divergent series).
    Thanks for the recommendation,
    Jake Fones

  7. Dear Brendan,
    I liked how you had your own opinion about the book and explained why you had that opinion, and you did a very good job of setting the scene even thug hyou had not read the first book.

  8. Dear Brendan
    I disagree with you on the fact that it wasn’t a good book. I read it in 5th grade and loved it and is still one of the better books I’ve ever read. But I did like that you explained it very well why you didn’t like it.

  9. Dear Brendan,
    I like your explanation about how you feel towards the book, but I feel like you could be more elaborative on the last books’ contribution to the current without spoiling some of the plot. It could also use some touching up on punctuation and spelling, I also saw that you did not have a quote, other than that, I think that it was well constructed.

  10. Dear Brendan,

    I enjoyed reading your letter essay because of its descriptive hook. One thing you could have done to improve is to more elaborate and explain different opinions on the book. Overall your essay was well written and followed almost all criteria.

    Sincerely, David

  11. Brendan,

    Although I disagree with you opinion of the book, you did a great job in your letter essay. Also I saw some grammatical errors but otherwise great job.

    Sincerely, Luke

  12. Dear Brendan,
    I have also read the Hunger Games I like it along with you but yes like you said it was slow at parts. I also found that when the old man was shot and killed just for making a symbol and a noise.
    From Robbie

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