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I recently finished reading the book, Michael Vey The prisoner of Cell 25 by Richard Paul Evans. This 326 page novel is a very intense and satisfying read. Evans a New York Times best selling author is well known for many books such as The Christmas Box and also his five book series in Michael Vey series. This novel was published in 2011, yet has been a very popular selection among teens over the past years. The main reason why I selected this book is because I have seen many of my peers reading this book and thought to myself that I should give it a try.
In the book, Michael is a somewhat nerdy 15 year old with a mild case of tourette’s syndrome. Despite his normality, he has something that separates him from the rest, he has the ability to shock. He decides to team up with his best friend Ostin and a cheerleader by the name of Taylor to use this ability to his advantage. Doing this he finds out he is not alone, there are other people out there with abilities somewhat like Michael’s. These people, they soon find out are hunting them. These hunters kidnapped his Mom to try to get to Michael, leaving him to now have to get his mother back safely, free other people like him, and keep his friends safe in the process.
In this passage, you can easily identify how Michael and his friends have to try to bond and get their chemistry down to be effective in putting an end to the men who are chasing after them. I chose it because it really expressed this well and it also showed the reality to the book and how it makes you feel like you are right there with the characters.
“Zits,” I said. “Z-I-T-S. Actually, I don’t think you even need electric bolts. You could just breathe on us.” I looked him in the eyes and smiled. “Seriously, dude, when was the last time you brushed your teeth?” “Shut up!” “No, really. Did you eat a diaper?” “Shut up!” he shouted. He squinted. “Do you know how much I enjoyed guarding your mother? I shocked her at least a dozen times just to watch her squeal.” “Yeah, well you could have just sat next to her and let her smell you. That would have been much worse. I’ve had hamsters with better hygiene.” “Enough! Don’t think I won’t electrocute you, Vey!” Taylor looked at me as if I’d lost my mind. “It’s his Tourette’s, he can’t help it.” “I’m scared, Zits,” I said. “You know Hatch would have your head if you did. But here’s my promise: after I’m in charge, my first command is to make you my shoeshine boy. You’ll be following me around with a towel.” “You’ll never be in charge.” “No, that’s what Hatch said. You heard him. He wants my power. I’m not kidding, Zits. When Hatch was trying to get me to join you guys, he promised me that you would be my servant.” Zeus looked at me with a worried expression. After a moment he shouted, “Shut up! And stop calling me Zits!” “I don’t think I will. In fact, it’s going to be the first rule I make. I’m going to have everyone else call you that.” “I don’t care what Hatch says. I’m gonna fry you, Vey.” “Oooh, now I’m really shaking. You don’t have enough juice in you to light a flashlight.” “Michael!” Taylor shouted. “Stop it. He’s got a temper. I’ve seen it.” “You should listen to the cheerleader, Vey.” He stepped toward me. “You think you’re so cool. But you can’t shoot electricity like me, can you? You’re just a flesh-covered battery.” “And you’re a flesh-covered outhouse. You should tie a couple hundred of those car air fresheners around your neck.” “Last warning!” Zeus shouted. “I’m not kidding, Zits. There are porta-potties with better aromas. Would a little deodorant kill you? What was the last year you took a bath?” (page 67)
I really enjoyed how well the author wrote the book to make you feel as if you were one of the characters and got you as a reader emotionally involved in the book.
The genre of this book is most likely fantasy due to how the main character has super powers which we can all agree is impossible. Also it could be fiction do to how some of the plot could possibly happen. I felt the author developed the character well considering how he incorporates humor into some of the scenes to bring out the personalities of Michael. I believe he could have tried to do this more with some of the side characters in the novel which would ultimately bring out more emotion.
Overall, this book was a great read and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in supernatural, fictionalized based writing. If I were to rate this book out of ten it would be an 8 because it was not my favorite book but is was truly good.
Your Pal,
James Porter

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3 thoughts on “Letter Essay #8 Michael Vey Prisoner of Cell James Porter

  1. Dear James,
    Nice job on your letter essay. I like how you included background information like the awards the book has won and about the characters in the book. I liked how you included scenes from the book and quotes from the book and included them into your essay.
    Will Grob

  2. Dear James,
    I have read the whole Michael Vey series and i think this was my second favorite one. I really enjoyed this book and i recommend that you continue to read the series because it is a great series. If you like these books I suggest reading “I am Number 4” because they are similar but in my opinion I am number 4 is better. I think you could improve your summary but your quote was good. Good Job.

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