Harrison’s Letter Essay #9: The Lost Track of Time by Paige Britt

Dear Reader,

I have recently completed reading a 305 page fictionalized fantasy piece of literature. Said book is named The Lost Track of Time and was dreamed up by Paige Britt with the drawings every now and again so amazingly illustrated by Lee White. Britt has only written a few books as she is a little known author. This one has actually turned out to be her most successful book so far.


This book is about a girl named Penelope who has dreams of becoming a writer. Now in comes the problem, her mother schedules nearly every minute of her life because her mother believes that writing is not important. She always tells Penelope to get busy and be more productive. Then one day she has a whole day of nothing that is scheduled. She gets to writing as she always wanted to. She goes on many literature journeys with a couple of the big ones including finding and freeing the Great Moodler, facing an army of Clockworkers, battling the evil Chronos, take a Flight of Fancy, and even save herself from the grip of time. The story is told from a narrators perspective who is watching over her in all of these fantasized worlds. It can be hard to follow occasionally. In fact the point of view even change many times throughout the book. It starts in the moms eyes, then Penelope’s, then the narrator, then Penelope, then back to narrator and so on and so forth.


Below is a quoted passage. It is happening when Penelope is in one of her fantasy worlds:


‘The strange man cleared his throat and said again with great feeling, ‘Only the very nicest people come to prison here.’ He smiled at Dill and Penelope as if they were his dearest friends.

Penelope couldn’t help but smile back.

The man got to his feet after several moments of dusting and brushing and straightening his decrypt tie, he took Penelope’s hand and give it a kiss. ‘Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Timekeeper.’

‘It’s very nice to meet you,’ said Penelope, who was surprised to discover she meant what she said. Despite his startling appearance the Timekeeper was delightful.

Dill, however, looked shocked. ‘Mr. Timekeeper’, he said, giving the man’s hands a vigorous shake, ‘I never expected to find you here. You have one of the most powerful jobs in all of the realm.'”


I chose this passage because it shows how she is 1.) in one of her fantasy worlds which really means that this is what we are seeing in her head as she is actually sitting at a desk writing all of this and 2.) how deep some of her story’s can get with realistic characters and settings.


I liked how the author had us always hearing from the inside of her head as opposed to “reading” from the pencil and papers perspective which would not have as much detail.


I disliked the ending of this book. While I can’t give to much inside into this I can say that it ending sort of by still being inside of a fantasy and her wishing that she could stay there and so on and so forth.


I wish the author developed the characters a little bit more throughout the story(s). it was unfortunate how the characters in the story fairly much started and ended the same way.


Overall, if I had to rate this book out of ten I would give it a seven as it was a good story line for the most part but was lacking a good ending and character development.

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