Emma’s Letter Essay #3: [Book Title]

Name: Emma Corazzelli

Book: Looking for Alaska

Author: John Green

Recently I finished the book Looking For Alaska, a 221 page realistic fiction novel by John Green. Green has written two other books, Paper Towns and The Fault In Our Stars. He has won the Printz award for Looking for Alaska and was number one on the New York Times bestselling list for The Fault In Our Stars. I decided to read this book because I have read his other two books and really liked them. I also heard great things from other people who have read them.

The novel is about a boy named Miles who goes to a boarding school for his junior year of high school. At his old school Miles doesn’t have any friends and is a lonely outcast. When he arrives at Culver Creek he instantly makes friends with his roommate, the colonel, his friends Alaska, Lara and Tukami. After staying at Culver Creek for about half a school year something tragic happens and after that nothing is ever the same.

The character development in this novel was surprising. I say this because at the start of the novel Miles has no friends but at his new school he makes them pretty fast. He also comes out of his shell more and hangs out with different people than expected. Alaska changed a lot too during the novel. Her personality pretty much stayed the same throughout the story but small details about her seemed to change ever since her and miles became closer. After the incident everyone changes a lot as well.

I liked the way the author separated the book into before and after segments. I liked this because it made me want to find out what the event is that he is writing about. I also like how before the event occurred the chapter names where always how many days there were left (ex: 26 days before) and the every chapter after the event was how many days has gone by (ex: 10 days after). I liked this because, to me it was like counting how many days until Miles life would change forever. It also showed how many days it took him to even start to become himself again.

The author includes this passage in the book “I’m not going to be one of those people who sits around talking about what they’re gonna do. I’m just gonna do it. Imagining the future is a kind of nostalgia. You spend your whole life stuck in a labyrinth, thinking about how you’ll escape one day, and how awesome it will be, and imagining the future keeps you going, but you never do it. You just use the future to escape the present.” I choose this passage because before the incident Alaska was talking about the future and it makes me think how your ideas of the future can change really fast.

I would rate this book as a 6 out of ten because it wasn’t bad but i think his other books were much better.



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4 thoughts on “Emma’s Letter Essay #3: [Book Title]

  1. Dear Emma,

    I thought your letter essay was very well written. After reading your essay, your book seems interesting. It seems like you put a lot of effort into writing this, and took your time! Your paragraph about what the book is about is very helpful, and now I know what the book is mainly about. I also like the passage you put in the essay! Overall, good job writing your letter essay.

    Lucy Witherbee

  2. Dear Emma,

    Thanks for sharing your letter-essay. This book sounds really interesting. I liked how you wrote a really detailed summary. I also liked how you didn’t give away to much but, you made me want to find out what the incident was. I also think you chose a really great passage to quote. It gave a glimpse of the author’s craft. For the future, I would suggest to double check your spelling. You did a great job, Emma!

    Sydney Rodriguez

  3. Dear Emma Corrazelli,

    I liked how you devoted a whole paragraph to the character development. I thought that that was real snazzy. One thing I would suggest is that you elaborate more on why you liked the passage that you suggested. pretty good if i do say so myself.


  4. Dear Emma,
    You did a really nice job on your letter essay. Before reading this essay I didn’t really know what Looking For Alaska was about. You made your summary very detailed which really made the letter essay better. Something to watch out for though is your spelling. Other than that I really enjoyed reading your Letter Essay.


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