Charlie’s Letter Essay #3: After Ever After

Dear Class,

Recently I have finished reading After Ever After a 272 page realistic fiction book about a boy who had cancer and his life after. This book is by Jordan Sonnenblick. It is a sequel to a very good book called Drums Girls and Dangerous Pie. I loved the first book so much that once I found out that there was a sequel I was dieing to get my hands on it and luckily enough the school library had it. After I finished the first book I was mad to not know what happened to Jeffrey Alper (the main character). Now that i have read the second book I am glad that Jorden Sonnenblick wrote it. It was a great book.

In the book After Ever After Jeffrey alper is done with cancer for life but his life and his physical appearance has changed. But in 4th grade he meets his soon to be best friend who also had cancer Tad. Their first words exchanged were

“Hi, my names Jeffrey, I also had cancer”

“Big woop” Tad says clearly not empathetic towards either him or Jeffrey.

They become friends quick. In 8th grade they are best friends. Sense the both have cancer they had brain damage and radiation poured in the body they have physical changes and Tad is very mad that everyone keeps pointing it out.

I was surprised when they added a love story into the mix of the book because it gave Jeffrey a goal instead of just catching up on school work and also some drama added into it to. I was also very surprised that later on in the book that Tad was asking were Jeffery got this really cute girl to talk and even sit with them over there computers.

Jeffrey says “I flew her in from LA to bring up our rep around here a little bit, you know no respect”

I think the author is telling us that these two characters are very sarcastic and get ready for a funny but weird character build.

I liked the way the author many sarcastic scenes in between the two main character Jeffery and Tad because they have been friends for so long they joke about each other a lot. These two joke anywhere and they get caught most of the time but they still have fun with it. Jeffrey has a problem learning and staying focused, so the main part of the story is that Jeffrey has to pass this test or else he gets held back and he can’t go to ninth grade. This also includes a great show of courage from Tad.

“Tad if one wheel goes past this line” making a line with his foot “ you’re expelled” Mr McGrath says

“ Surprise”

Tad gets out of his wheelchair and walks down the front steps of the school me and lindsay by his side.(page 187-188)

This was all for Jeffrey and protesting that people that have a learning disorder shouldn’t have to take the test.

What i love about this passage is that it shows you what Tad would go through for Jeffrey because of how good of friends they are. Its gives you good thought to tell you that no matter what you have people by you to help you no matter what the consequences. I give this book a 9/10 the character build wasn’t the best but it was good. Otherwise this book was one of the best books i’ve ever read.


Charlie Johnson

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5 thoughts on “Charlie’s Letter Essay #3: After Ever After

  1. Charlie, I really liked your letter essay. I liked the way you summarized the story, adding quotes along the way to really make me think this is a good book. I think that you should work on your spelling, as some of your words didn’t have “‘”in them.


  2. Charlie,
    I really liked your letter essay. I especially liked the part where you talked about how you really liked the book series. Maybe I will check out this series if it is so good. My only suggestion is that maybe you could add a little summary of the books and give a little more info.


  3. Charlie,
    Your essay was an extravagant piece of work! I like the way you summarized the story, adding quotes and whatnot. The only thing I would change is a little more info, but overall great job!


  4. Charlie,

    I really liked your letter essay. It was interesting how you made your summary short but got straight to the point and even included some quotes. I also really liked how you talked about the other book in the series. The only thing I would suggest is to use better word choice. Overall, it was really good!


  5. Charlie,
    I really liked the way how you decided to go in depth when you talked about how the love story mixed into the book gave Jeffrey a goal. I feel like this was very important for you to add, because it seems to be a very focal point of the story, that any reader looking to read would need to know. I think that you did a good job telling the reader about the characters and how they are sarcastic/funny.


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