Jack G.’s Letter Essay #4

Jack Griffiths

Period: 2

Mr. Jockers

Essay #4


The Loser List


Dear edublogs,

Recently, I finished reading a (page) realistic fiction book. The book is called The Loser List. Holly Kowitt wrote this book because of how bullies are all around us and about how bullies will take you for granted and then most likely ditch you, and how you need to stand up for yourself in situations like a bully approaching you. I chose this book because I needed to read a realistic fiction book at the time for my reading graph, and it looked like a cool/ short book to read.


It’s about a boy named Danny who has a best friend named Jasper, and these two people are nerds in middle school. There’s also something called the loser list which Jasper and Dany have been put on and known as the nerds. Jasper doesn’t really care that he’s on the loser list but Danny cares a lot! So Danny’s mission is to get his and Jasper’s names erased from the loser list. But there’s one catch to this, it’s in the girls bathroom. Danny starts a food fight in the cafeteria on taco tuesday, which ends up with Danny in detention for a whole week! Danny had never been in detention and he was definitely scared. The next day Danny is in detention and just sitting and reading… Until three guys approach him. They’re names were Axl, Boris and Spike. These three people weren’t the friendliest people. They bossed people around and stole things for a living. And Danny of course got caught in the middle of them. Danny was just an innocent kid trying to live his life but then Axl, Boris and Spike decided to get in the middle of it.

One day Danny was in detention doing his work he got handed out when Axl approached Danny. Later that day when detention was over, Axl, Boris and Spike followed Danny home. They then started to beat him up, but then they realized all the cool drawings he had made.

Axl then said “Yo, this is pretty sick. Do you think you can draw skulls and stuff?”

“Yeah”  Danny replied.

“Okay, how about me and my crew won’t beat you up anymore and we’ll hang with you if you can draw that stuff as tattoos on our arms and stuff.” Axl then replied

“I don’t really have a choice hear do I?”

“Nope, not really”

Danny then for the last couple detentions spent his time helping Axl and his friends draw tattoos. This is when it all went bad…
I liked how the author added suspense toward the middle and end of the book, because by the middle of the book I thought everything was solved in the mystery of the comic book but I guess not… I also really like the way the author lead the reader (me) into thinking something, but then missguided me to another suspect in this mystery book.

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