Letter Essay #6 Maddie Deely

I have recently finished reading the book 101 Ways To Bug Your parents, a 288 page  realistic fiction novel written by Lee Wardlaw. She was born on november 20, 1955 and is currently 61 years old. She has written other books such as, 101 ways to bug your teacher, and see you in september. As a kid, she loved to read. She said that after reading all the books at her house and in her second grade teacher’s classroom, she decided to write her own book and her passion for writing went on.


The story is about a boy named Steven but mostly called Sneeze in the book, and his best friend “hiccup”, and their adventures to make sure sneeze could go to an invention convention. At the end of the school year, Sneeze’s parents told him that they didn’t have enough money to take him to the convention. Sneeze is a young inventor and always loved to event new creations. He was angry with his parents so he came up with a way to get the money, when he learned that he was going to summer school. His parents signed him up for a summer writing class. His assignment was to come up with a book to write. His book was going to get him the money, and he thought that there was no way that his plan was going to fail. The rest of the story is about how sneeze tries to earn the money that he needs to go to the convention.


I really like the way the author used a lot of dialogue to express the way the characters’ characters are. One place the author uses good dialogue is towards the end in a meeting with administrators and parents. One of the angry parents says: “What a terrible assignment! Is this what our schools are coming to today? This teacher should be fired! Parents have enough trouble raising children without you giving them assignments like this!” I like this quote because it expresses the feelings of the angry parent really well. Things like these to me, make the book better and the reader a better sense of a visual for the scene.


I was very surprised with the overall story because it wasn’t something that you would expect from the title of the book. THe book had a ver

Y good overall lesson that I think made you think about your parents at a deeper level. This book is very good.


I think that I would give this book a  10 out of 10 and recommend this book to anyone who likes realistic fiction or stories that take place at a school or a unique story plot. This was a very good book and i think thst s lot of people would like it. MY favorite part about this book is that it has so many details that not all books have and that is what makes this book that much better.

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2 thoughts on “Letter Essay #6 Maddie Deely

  1. Dear Maddie,

    I really liked reading your letter essay. I also read this book and enjoyed seeing your thoughts and views on the book. One thing I noticed is that your last name is misspelled on the title and something happened near the bottom,
    ” THe book had a ver

    Y good overall lesson that…”

    Overall, I really enjoyed reading your memoir.

  2. Dear Maddie,
    I really liked reading your essay. I liked how detailed you were, and I liked how you wrote the summary. This essay was written very well, but I think that you could work on the sentence starter paragraphs. Overall it was very good.
    Isabel Llach

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