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   Recently, I finished the book The Novice, a 366-page fantasy book by Taran Matharu. Taran Matharu 26-year-old man who was born in  London. Taran got a First Class degree in Business Administration and soon after got an internship in Digital Sales. While having this job Taran started writing the Summoner.

The Novice is a famous book for all ages and people. A Lot of good things have been heard about the book. I would figure that even before I read this book because among people who took a survey about 97% of people enjoyed the book. This book was really good and I would re-read it again.

The Novice is an interesting story about war and special fictional powers. In the Summoner world, the Nobles hold the money, power, trading, and summoning. Summoning is when they take an ordinary person and turn him into a summoner.

One night Fletcher ( The main Character and a Blacksmith)  received a journal of a Summoner. He then sneaked out to the graveyard to summon a Demon which his name is Ignatius. They both turn out to be friends and travel to a military academy and get put through serious training to fight the Hominum Empire’s war. Fletcher later finds out that he can’t trust anyone and can only go to his “Demon Pet” for help. This book goes through some of the most interesting friendships and trust deals ever.

The author of this book really puts the punch to the face with the surprised in this book. Obviously, I was shocked to find out that Fletcher summoned a Demon into the world. At first, I thought this book was going to turn into a story about how Fletcher was going to have to try and bring the demon back under control and back to the underworld, but I was very wrong after reading for a little while on. Turns out that the Demon was actually on Fletcher’s side and wanted to help him and be around him all the time which blew me away because when you think of a Demon you think of something bad, but this was different.

I really liked how this book had a lot of thinking moments. Such a part comes in the mid of the book when Fletcher is learning in the academy and is taught that “A warrior’s greatest enemy can also be his greatest teacher.” (Taran Matharu The Novice) This really adds an extra edge on how the reader sees the author’s craft and how the reader sees the character. The reader may see the character as the person who is more clever and thinks ahead more, like the one who knows what happens next and knows exactly how to solve in an instinct. This can really make a book such as The Novice good because it can make a bored trash reader into a person who really wants to read on and think about the book.

“I see two paths before us. One is well trodden, yet every time we take it, we end up back where we started: Defeated and bloodied. But there is a second path. I do not know where the path leads or what dangers are along the way, but I know in my heart that it is better to take the path of uncertain faith, than the one of glorious, yet certain defeat. There will be no war, my friends. We will honor our agreement with the king.” -Dwarven Elder   

The Novice had a lot of great quotes, but this one really set upon me well.

The Novice was a great book and I would definitely recommend someone to read it. I really liked this book and would re-read it again just because of the author’s craft. At the end of the day as a student, I would rate this book a 5 out of 10.


Danny R.


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10 thoughts on “The Novice-Danny Ramadan

  1. Dear Danny,
    Thanks for posting your Letter-Essay on the blog. Although your piece could use some proof-reading/spell check, it showed all your thoughts and was supported by quotes that you including throughout the book. One such case that I really liked was when you were describing what the middle of the book was like. You wrote: “Fletcher is learning in the academy and is taught that ‘A warrior’s greatest enemy can also be his greatest teacher.’ (Taran Matharu The Novice)” Even though your quotes supported your claims, some more analysis and elaboration would be beneficial in bulking up your piece and further supporting your ideas.


  2. Dear Danny,
    Great job on your letter essay. I really like how you shared your feelings about the book because it gave me a great point of view about it. I think you also did a great job using quotes to support your thinking. Next time just check your spelling and grammar, but other than that, great job.

    Thanks for Sharing,

  3. Dear Danny,

    Thank you forr sharing your letter essay with the blog. I read this book, too, but over the summer and thought it would be a great book tp do a letter esay on (when I found out what they were. So, I’m glad someone did one on this book. My favorite part about this book was actually your first response. I definitly agree with the first couple of lines. The author really does almost punch you in the face with suprizing events and even suspensful ones before that. I happened to be talking about this book with some friends a couple of months ago and we all agreed on that. One thing I would do differently, though is read the letter essay one more time through for grammatical errors.


  4. Dan-

    I thought your essay was extremely well thought out, it was a good mix of the book’s and your own thinking. having read this book I can agree with most of your statements. Next time make your summary longer, to give the reader some more background.


  5. Dear Danny,

    Your letter essay was not bad. I thought when you added your opinions and emotions towards the book it really built your letter essay. It just shows that you really took your time reading the novel. Also, I feel like you really understood the book. You were able to express it. Good job on that. Yet, there were few flaws. For example, some of your wording was confusing, and I wasn’t sure exactly what you were saying. Plus, I wish you could add more on what really drove you to reading this book. You did say it was popular, but what makes you want to read popular books. For the quoted passage section you didn’t go into any detail it was very straight to the point. Try to explain your reasoning more it really helps to develop your letter essay. Also, you rated the book a 5/10 . Why? You should tell the readers why you feel that way about the book. Explain. Lastly, this is very small but needed. Underline the title of the book. Even though that isn’t the biggest problem in the world, it just makes your letter essay more professional. It helps later on in your life. Anyways keep up the hard work!


    Claudia M.

  6. Danny,

    Your letter essay was well written and rely gave me a strong felling about the book you are reading. I especially liked the description in your summary. I will consider reading it soon.

    Have a jolly fine day,
    Andrew C

  7. Dear Danie,
    I really enjoyed reading your letter essay, and I liked that you included some quotes that you enjoyed. Good job!

  8. Dear, Danny
    Your letter essay is was very interesting to read. You had an odd choice of a book, but I like that. It would have been nice if you elaborated more on those “friendships” and “trust deals” that they you mentioned in the summary. Overall, you did a great job. Keep up the good work!

    Sincerely, John Wojenski

  9. Dear danny,
    I loved this book to. I did it on my first essay. Also i used the same quote as you i really liked all the detail you put into your essay

    from, Cooper Haas

  10. Dear Danny,

    I really liked your letter-essay and I was planning to do my next one on the same book. I thought it was really cool for you to put in quotes from the book that you liked.


    Luke Vechiarelli

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