Me and My Dead Penguin

John Forgione





Me And My Dead Penguin


The day I had been dreading to come; had finally come. One of the biggest parts of my life was gone. In an instant.

Growing up I loved, and still do love video games. Whether it was tetris, or anyone thing that could intrigue me. It was fun. Although, one game stood out above the rest. Club Penguin.

I loved Club Penguin. It was my favorite thing to do. When I had free time I would play it, as soon as I got home I would play it, and I loved to play it. It must’ve been around fourth grade that I stopped. I thought I was too old for it (I was wrong). Of course, I found other things to do, so it didn’t really matter for me. Everything was fine until a recent tragedy.

In 7th grade, my life was a lot different from when I was in 3rd grade. Nowadays I don’t do the same things, but sometimes I wish i did. When I played Club Penguin, life was good. But now, well, it could be better to say the last. Last year (7th grade) Disney announced that Club Penguin was to be shut down during March. March 29th to be exact. I was shocked as soon as I heard the news. I couldn’t believe it. I questioned why they were doing it. Instantly, memories of snowballs whizzing through the air, and my Puffle party came back. Nevertheless, it happened.  I brushed it off, and knew I would play it one last time before its death.  I thought wrong. In the end, I never got to play Club Penguin again. I missed the last day of Club Penguin. Words cannot explain how I felt.

I thought back, and I was filled with all the experiences I had, Good and Bad. Old  conversations I had with old friends came to my mind. I even made some friends. I was young, so a simple conversation was enough for me.


“Hi. Wanna play together”


I hope this isn’t the same way I talk now.

Now, I would kill just to play Club Penguin just one more time. I remember convincing my mom to buy me a membership, and I remember meeting friends on Club Penguin, all for them to be lost and destroyed due to this. I remember visiting the Club Penguin website. And it was gone. Everything was gone. In the start, Club Penguin was free for everyone to enjoy. Next it was accompanied by a monthly fee, and now it was met by its end.

A few weeks passed by, and I was finally understanding what had happened. Since I could not except the truth, I would regularly visit in on the Club Penguin website. Sadly, I was greeted everytime by an advertisement to Club Penguin Island. Its replacement. I was saddened. Destroyed. Disney was looking for more fortune. Disney wanted money. I wanted to have a good time. They wanted what they could take. We wanted what we could have.

With no doubt, Club Penguin was the best part of my life. Now, I feel as if part of me has been destroyed. Killed. Gone Forever. I talked with other people. Of course, other people were deeply upset. Just like me. Many people have tried to make petitions to reopen Club Penguin, but currently none have succeeded. Despite the fact that I missed it, I try not to think about it so much. Occasionally it will cross my mind, but for now, there is nothing I can do.

Club Penguin will always stay with me, but it will never be the same. I still have all of my memories, and I surely will have them forever, but in my despair, Club Penguin will no longer be forever. To play one more time is all I wish for, and then. My life will be complete. Rest In Peace Club Penguin, October 5, 2004 –  March 29, 2017. Waddle On


Please sign this petition to relaunch Club Penguin

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  1. Hey JT!

    I like how you added some humor to the story, as most of the other stories were average. I loved how you explained everything you wrote about very clearly and I thought you could be a great writer when you grow up.

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