Letter Essay #4

Letter Essay #4

By:  Vinny Porcaro

March 6-2018

Mr. Jockers Period 8


Dear Students,


I recently finished the book The Novice 2 and I cannot wait to tell you all about it!  The Novice 2  is the first book in a trilogy written by Taran Matharu.  The four hundred page fantasy book is about the adventures Fletcher has after he receives a magical book that summons demons.  Fletcher was taken in by a blacksmith, after his parents died, who treats him like his own son and makes him a blacksmith’s apprentice.  


One day while they were in the town selling their goods, Fletcher, notices a Traveler walking through the gates, dressed in a knights uniform, a big crowd forms around him and by this time, had gathered around him as he was yelling,”Come around all of you, everything you see here is genuine Article, it is the real deal.” (Page. 20) Among the things this man was selling, what appeared to be a book that later turned out to be a  Summoner’s book caught Fletcher’s eye.Fletcher and the blacksmith meet this man at a pub and the man gives the book to Fletcher after Dedrik doubted his story and argued with the man. Losing Dedrik retreated and would pay for what he did later in the night time. Later during a calm night, the man and Fletcher go to the pub. Running into Didrik… a bully.


After a fight breaks out Didrik and his guard Jakov, who was all bronze and no brains, were beaten up and the knight brought Fletcher home. Waking up with the man nowhere in sight he fights a pelt, with a not saying,”Fletcher thee nite was won I shall remember fondlee I hope you enjoy my parting gift-Rotter” (Page 43) Somehow, Fletcher was able to summon a Demon, from just opening the book, and his adventures begin.  When one of the teachers from Vocan Academy finds out that Fletcher has the power to summon demons, he invites Fletcher to become a student at the Academy for a chance to become an officer in the military.


Fletcher later gets invited to the Academy by the man who saved him,” You may stay at my Inn tonight and tomorrow morning you’ll be on the first wagon to Vocans Academy.” The man said(Page 82), For these reasons The Novice 2 is my favorite book and I recommend the book to anyone who likes Fantasy and war as much as I do to read this book because this is one of the only books i figured I could not put down because the book was so good.


                           Vinny Porcaro


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2 thoughts on “Letter Essay #4

  1. Vinny,
    You do well to support information in your summary with textual evidence, and your summary is thorough, but the Summary is one-third (or fourth, actually) of the Letter-Essay; there’s the Introduction and the weightier Reflection, too. Use the checklist and refer to models to produce quality letter-essays.
    Mr. Jockers

  2. Dear Vinny,

    I really enjoyed how you write to the reader as if you are speaking directly to them with much enthusiasm. You did a really good job including examples from the text and explaining there importance. Good job!



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