Don´t choose to abuse

It’s a winter day there is a fresh coat of snow on the ground. You get up from the bed and you can see your dog. He is warm and he isn’t hungry. On your way out the door, you see a dog laying on the cold snowy floor all by himself. You can tell that he is starving because you can see his ribs. You can also tell that he has been abused by many people,he has scars all over his body. When you walk by you can see a collar around his neck. But you don’t really understand why anyone would have the heart to just throw a dog on the street like its a piece of trash.


 Approximately 3.9 million dogs die every year because of people who are so irresponsible and dumb Most dogs were once in a situation when they were in the cold, and they were beaten by people who don’t even have a reason for why they decided to harm a dog. There are places where dogs are bred. That place is called a puppy mill and it is very is unsanitary and it is very. 71% of domestic violence victims report that their abuser targeted their pet. Not everyone notices when they’re abusing a dog but not feeding or forgetting to take out a dog is also a known case of abuse. There are about 50 groups who are trying to save the lives of all these animals who don’t have the voice.CNN estimates that 100,000 people are involved in dog fighting.About 16,000 dogs are killed because they are put into a ring where they are supposed to fight for their life. The most known fighting dog is the American pit bull terrier. Dog fighting is an inhumane blood sport that shouldn’t be continued it is risking the life of an innocent animal. The most common place for dog abuse was in 2008 Florida and California tied in most dog fighting cases.


What can you do to stop dog abuse? If you see an animal being abused you can call PETA  the dog abuse number 757-6227-382. You should feed your dog once in the day and once in the evening. You should give your dog water every three hours. But on hot days if your dog’s bowl is empty you should fill it every hour. Your dog should be taken out every 3 to five hours. According to the New York Times, it takes about $1.2 million dollars just to care for and rescue more than 170 dogs from a hoarders house. Let’s try to stop dog abuse

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