Dress Code

Do you care what you wear to school everyday? Most girls do. Everyday when you wake up to get ready for school, you probably spend countless minutes trying to pick out the perfect outfit.  You’re all happy that you got to wear what you want and express yourself for who you are. Once you arrive at school, this could all change as you run the risk of getting dress coded. This is not okay, just because you’re a girl. This is called discrimination, and girls are being treated unfairly because of this problem. Some parents and students worry the message the dress code sends to girls is: Your body is a problem and a distraction to others.

Everyone including teachers, principals, parents, students, and others are saying that the purpose of a dress code is to provide guidance to students and parents as to appropriate attire for school and at school functions. Did you know that 78% of people say there needs to be standards for school attire and 22% of people say children and teens should be able to wear whatever they want to school. So in my opinion, I think that there shouldn’t be a dress code at all because “us” girls feel targeted everyday when we come into school. In our hearts, we know what we are wearing isn’t our first choice.  Just remember, what you wear matters, and in some ways, expresses who you are as a person.

Did you know that a lot of kids get dress coded by their peers every year? I also think that students shouldn’t have the power to dress code other students. It doesn’t concern them at all. I’ve never been dress coded before and never want to be. One kid in my school was dress coded last year because they were wearing a short sleeve shirt which wasn’t cropped at all and then this other person that didn’t like her for no apparent reason, dress coded her because of there drama or something or like she was mad at her, so everyone made fun of her for herself getting dress coded that one day during school hours. In some schools, one of the dress codes are that boys can’t wear short sleeve shirts, but girls can wear tank tops. How is that fair? This is called discrimination. But remember this, whether you love them or hate them, dress codes have been a very important topic in recent years. Many people believe that dress codes are a distraction inside of school and/or at school functions. This is why we need a stricter dress code in all schools, even public.

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