Play Sweet Victory at the next Super Bowl

If you watched the Super Bowl this year even if you’ve heard about it you’d know it’s one of the worst Super Bowls in history, things like being the lowest viewed super bowl in a decade according to Fortune, the halftime show being complete rubbish with maroon 5 being in it according to The New York Times and the overall game just being boring. It’s easy to see why people think it’s one of the worst. But I have a way that the NFL can redeem themselves and make the most memorable super bowls ever and it’s simple let the highly requested song that is famous for playing in the best spongebob episode Sweet Victory by David glen Eisley play at the super bowl halftime show.You may say this is insane and the NFL would never play this song that played in a kids show but it’s actually not crazy if you look at my points.Let’s bring up the elephant in the room that 1 million people signed a petition to have Sweet Victory play at the super bowl. So if in the next super bowl halftime show they play Sweet Victory it would make crowds happy, it would be better than the show we got this year and also it would increase the rating of the next super bowl if they said they were going to play Sweet Victory in the halftime show. Also it would be a nice because the creator of Spongebob Stephen Hillenburg passed on November 26 20l8 and it would be a good way to honor him. You may say they already showed Sweet Victory at the superbowl in tribute of Stephen Hillenburg, but they only showed 2 seconds of the beginning. I want the whole song to play in tribute Stephen Hillenburg in the next superbowl. My final point is that the scene where Sweet Victory plays is probably the greatest scene in cartoon history maybe best in animation history. I think this because this scene gives one of the main characters Squidward Tentacles his victory .In the episode Squidward thinks his band is going to be terrible so be is prepared to flop again but what actually happens is the band plays Sweet Victory. Squidward is shocked and throughout the scene you see Squidward dancing around with the music knowing that he didn’t fail like always. This is also surprising for the person watching this because throughout the series Squidward is overall a loser and you just feel good for this character because something finally is going right in this life. So those are my points why the NFL should play this song that created a masterpiece of a cartoon scene.

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