Should Young-Adults Take Life Skill Courses in School

You’re slacking it at home with your parents at 25 years old. You’re a college graduate, and living in New York City where the rent is tremendous, something you can’t afford. So you move in with your parents. It’s been a few years and during your stay at their house, your parents do everything to meet your needs. Your parents pay for the water bill, the electricity bill, your phone bill, etc. And what do you do? Sit around watching them pick up and slacking off. Guess what,  you’re not the only one doing this. Many other millennials are living with their parents, too. In 2005, 13.5% of millennials lived at home with their parents. Now 22.5% of millenials are living at home and the millennials kicking it at home with mom and dad, about 12% are unemployed.

About 28% of college graduates between 24-28 are opting to move back home. A parent shouldn’t be supporting their child, especially if they are a college graduate. A parents responsibility to take care of their child is when they are obligated to. But once they move out, the parents should be able to work and take full care of themselves, not adults who have graduated from college.

Why would a fashion designer have to learn how to balance a chemical equation out during their school years? Whilst instead of doing that, they could’ve learned how to manage money, to enhance and keep their business. We are uneducated of so many things that can help improve our lives and not lead us to living with our parents. Having a job is such a key to being independent. It’s also a key step to success. A study in 2015 showed that 61% of millennial parents paid for their child’s bills. By having a life skills class that would help others out with money and signing up for a job, it will help prevent parents from paying for their child’s expenses.

By 2034 Social Security won’t be able to pay out full benefits due to the debt millennials owe. This cut will make it harder for Generation Zeros to retire. Generation Zeros will have to work more to pay off for their retirement because of slacking millennial actions. This leads to a problematic chain of events with retirement through generations.

To cease this whole unfortunate chain from continuing, young-adults can take courses to learn necessities on how to live on their own. Whether it be to do with money management, changing a tire, doing laundry, etc. By taking these classes a study, from the Florida Department of Education, shows that students are more likely to achieve academic success and be more prepared independently.

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