The Time I got Ran Over 


I was screaming and crying and everyone was looking as they picked up the go-kart, not knowing what they would find… It was the summer of 2014, my family and I were in our backyard relaxing and talking when my cousins showed up in their Go-Kart. We exchanged greetings and focused our attention on the Go-Kart, “Can I Drive the go-kart, please?” I exclaimed. My uncle responded by denying me permission to drive the go-kart but offered me a ride with my cousin as the driver instead. “No, I don’t want to, I want to drive” I repeated, and my uncle also repeated his whole spiel telling me I couldn’t drive because I was too little and that I would have to ride with John Robert. I still refused because I only wanted to drive the go-kart. Not being able to drive made 8 year old Christian very disgruntled! I wanted to drive the go-kart so badly, but I didn’t ask again. 

As I was having a conversation with my mother I hadn’t realized it but I was standing directly in front of the go-kart. Without knowing it, my cousin was letting one of his friends drive his go- kart. All of a sudden they floored the gas pedal, my cousin in the passenger seat and his friend in the driver seat and they came directly toward me. It all  happened too quickly for me to move out the way. I was hit and was physically UNDER the go-kart and I was in a lot of pain and screaming my lungs out. My cousin and his friend got out of the go-kart and some adults came running and picked up the go-kart and dragged me out from under it. I was a little scratched up and my whole body ached but in the end I was fine.

 However, at that moment, I was very angry and was hoping that some very unkind things would happen to that kid, like his parents whipping him with a metal-tipped belt because he RAN ME OVER! As the day went on I was not as angry and didn’t hope that he would get chastised or that anything bad would happen to him. I just did what God would have wanted me to do. I forgave him but I did not forget him and I will never forget that day…



(or is it?)


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