First time leaving the country.

We were halfway through summer when my mom had an idea to go to Canada. I thought it would be a great idea so we went. I remember packing the car then starting the 8 hour drive through mostly New York. We made about several stops before reaching the border where we could see Niagara falls. The falls were huge. There was a big hotel towering over them which was where we were staying for the next few days. The hotel had so many restaurants and stores, it was like a shopping mall inside of a hotel. At the front desk a tall man gave us our room keycards and we went up to put out stuff down so we could go see the city. We stayed there for 5 days and it was incredible. One day we went up to Toronto and saw the CN Tower which was the tallest building in Canada and right underneath was an aquarium that had so many sharks and cool looking fish. The top of the tower had good chicken towers and fries to eat if you were hungry, u’m pretty sure they called them sky fries. The last day we were there we went on the maid of the mist boat ride and got sprayed by the falls mist where I have a couple picture of me drenched in water. The next day we left the falls and started our 8 hour drive back home which I slept for most of.

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4 thoughts on “First time leaving the country.

  1. That is an interesting story, if I went to the CN Tower, I would surely like to try those “sky fries”.

  2. Nick, nice story. I liked how you wrote it. I think maybe there should be some type of problem and call to action, to truly make it editorial-like. But I like the plot 🙂

  3. Like alex said, I really like the plot but their really isn’t a call to action and problem. Great story though, I would love to try one of those Sky Fries one time.

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