The Dangers of Clearview AI

You’re freezing, nervous, and a small amount rushed. Approaching the desk you begin perspiring. Looking all around you, you begin to note cameras almost seeming to stare at you. The cameras appear like they’re following you. And they might be. With facial recognition technology, you could be tracked anywhere. 

It is a common occurrence. You see cameras every day. From the cameras at your local bank to your Ring doorbell, to the front door of my school. Cameras are not only used to monitor but to track. With facial recognition, anyone can be effortlessly followed. The main purpose of facial recognition is to catch criminals, but is it taking our privacy and throwing it under the bus? The FBI stated publicly that “Their database is searched about 8,000 times a month by more than 240 agencies”. Any camera can be utilized by facial recognition. 

Facial recognition is additionally often wrong. Ms.Mcdonald stated that “Since the chances for the false matches are so high, this may result in very dangerous and completely avoidable situations.”.National foundations warn about the risks of facial recognition. The mistakes it can make, the necessity or humans to verify, and therefore the otherwise inexcusable

One of these companies frustrated with facial recognition is the Electronic Frontier Foundation “It is unlike our passwords, people can’t easily change their faces. We are seeing increased information-sharing among agencies. Cameras are becoming more powerful and technology is rapidly improving.” 

Now, this technology is coming to our schools. The New York Times expressed their concern with The Lockport City School as there “District turned on the technology to monitor who’s on the property at its eight schools, becoming the first known public school district in New York to adopt facial recognition and one of the first in the nation. “

People may use the evidence “In New York, police were able to apprehend an accused rapist using facial recognition technology within 24 hours of an incident where he threatened a woman with rape at knifepoint“.People don’t see the opposite side of this problem. The matter of privacy and racial differentiation. For kids in school, this privacy is extremely important. 

There are solutions to this problem.

Many other verification methods could be implemented to replace facial recognition. 

Facial recognition can’t be implemented in schools due to the numerous problems it contains.The technology is just not here yet. For everyone, we have to look at where we are heading and how we are getting there. It is worth it to risk our privacy for security that may not work. For us to save our kids and others from the privacy infringements and protection against computer mistakes in facial recognition technologies.

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2 thoughts on “The Dangers of Clearview AI

  1. Hello Alex, this article was very interesting to read, and these claims make complete sense to me, It would feel like an invasion of my privacy if everywhere I went there was a person watching and knowing exactly who I was and where I live, etc, but I do think that this technology should only be accessible to the police and armed forces. I have no constructive criticism for you, good story.

  2. Dear Alexander Weiss,
    I really did enjoy reading your editorial. You were able to take a controversial topic – the use of A.I., cameras, and facial recognition software – and express your feelings and thoughts about this. You start by explaining the problem, that facial recognition software often makes mistakes, and by acknowledging the other side. You then refute the opposing side’s argument strongly, and then go on to explain how we can safely monitor property without facial recognition software. Overall, a very well written editorial…
    Siddharth Gupta

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