We Have the Right to Say No, But they don’t, So We Have to Speak for Them

The hard truth is that in circuses animals are abused, experiencing lives of misery and suffering. In circuses they beat elephants with bullhooks to compel them into doing acts that a 12,000 pound animal should not naturally be able to do. Young elephants go through the process known as “the crush”. It purposefully shatters their outgoing spirit until they aren’t even themselves anymore. 

What kind of people willingly do this to an innocent animal, all of which had no choice in living their lives like this. If these animals did have a choice, none would be there. So it’s up to us to help them.

There are many websites where you can sign a petition or donate money to help save these animals and give them a life they deserve. On mspca you can donate money to help them. On Animals Asia you can sign a petition to help ban the use of animals in circuses in Vietnam. 

anAnimals Asia investigation in Vietnam found bears rocking in tiny cages – a well-known sign of stress and mental health disorders – and macaques chained by their necks. 

How can we just let this keep on happening? Animals shouldn’t be treated like this. If you replaced those animals, chained by their neck and rocking in small cages, with people, then, this would be a whole different situation. These people doing this would go to jail for a very long time. So why should it be any different with animals?

Some argue that watching these animals perform can educate people to appreciate the species and raise awareness. But, these behaviors are so unnatural to them that it is teaching nobody anything. It only shows that it doesn’t matter how we treat these fellow species. It shows that it’s okay to mentally and physically abuse them. This is no form of education. We were not the first species on this planet. They were there before us, but we completely and totally took it over. We should not have any power over these animals, they should be able to live their lives freely without having to be abused in such unspeakable ways just so they can do what they are told. 

If violence doesn’t work they then are promised food. As a result, many circus animals are starved to keep them hungry and eager to please. 

Every human being has the right to say no, to tell someone to stop, to speak their mind freely. These animals can’t speak for themselves. So we have to speak for them. We have to say No for them. We have to tell these circuses to stop. 

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2 thoughts on “We Have the Right to Say No, But they don’t, So We Have to Speak for Them

  1. hi Ava i think your article was very good and has a very strong message, and i completely agree with you.


  2. Ava, I really liked your editorial. My editorial has a similar message and I strongly agree with you!

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