Free Write-Graham B, The MIB

Oct,2 1990

Dr, Albert Mendez a FUO researcher for the International Flying Saucer Bureau. Was sitting in his suburban home when he hears the phone ring. He gets up out of his recliner and slowly strides over to the phone. “Hello,” Albert says…..nothing. “Hello,” he says again to the phone. He hears footsteps on the front steps. He collects himself and walks over to the porch light to turn it on. As he turn on the light he sees three large men in sharp black suits, No hair, No eyebrows, Almost identical to each other. Albert shocked at the appearance of these men tries to run as the men slam open the door. One of the men grabs Albert by the arm and throws him onto the ground. “The leader” the largest one of the group standing about 6,7 stands over Albert. “Listen to me,”he says in a almost robotic voice. “You will destroy the research.” The man says. Albert looking shocked that almost 20 years of his life’s work is about to be gone. “Ok..Ok…Ok.” He says. “Good,” one of the large men says. The men then recollect there belongings and walk right out the font door.


Oct,2,2002. Albert now a schizophrenic man. Sits alone in the same house he was attacked in. now sitting in his recliner watching the tv with a firearm placed in his lap. He hears the phone ring, Albert gets out of his recliner shaking, raises his firearm and picks up the phone. “Hello?” Albert says. Nothing comes out of the phone. 5 seconds pass and Albert knows what going on. He turns to the door gun raised waiting.

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