A Sweet Mistake

What if you could get what you want, and it is right in front of you, but you know it is wrong to do. Would you go for it? Would you?

It was a few days after Halloween, and my dad had taken me to the hardware store to buy some rakes for the leaves. I had agreed eagerly because this was one of my favorite things to do, spend time with my dad even if it was something that I didn’t enjoy like spending thirty minutes in a hardware store. We walked around, getting some rakes and supplies for the yard. We got to the checkout, the cashier was handing out bags of candy to anyone who bought something in the store. I was around two or three at the time and I wanted, really wanted that candy bag. So when my dad and I walked out of the hardware store, I had a bag  of candy.

When we arrived back at home, it was my nap time. I hated it when I had to take a nap. I thought they took away from the day when I could be eating candy instead. But I didn’t want to leave my new found treasure. Plus I had a plan. If they brought up my goodie bag I would be able to enjoy the candy without anyone coming to check on me because I was “taking a nap.” Since I wasn’t going to go to sleep without the goodie bag, my dad placed it near my crib of what he thought was a  unreachable location. The table was about the height of the crib, a unreachable spot but a reachable one if you jumped to get there.

I could see the Halloween themed bag, sitting on the table, just outside my crib. I could see the ghosts and witches that covered the bag, like guards, keeping the candy safe from intruders. I started to reach for the bag. I jumped to make up the missing height and snagged the bag. I then proceeded to unwrap everything and eat all the candy! Chocolates, Reese’s-Pieces-Peanut-Butter-Cups, Milky Ways, and Snickers, were all eaten in no time.

“Thump, thump,” went the noise of me trying to reach the sweets upstairs. “What’s that, I thought William was already asleep. Probably should see what he’s up to now,” questioned my mom.

When my mom walked in, she was greeted with wrappers everywhere, a empty bag, and me, with chocolate all over my face, grinning. My mom took the remains of what was left of the goodie bag and took me to clean up my face. I was embarrassed of what I had done but I did get a lot of candy out of it. Little arguments, kept on popping into my mind, probably from all the guilt. “Now William, you weren’t supposed to eat the candy. You might of gotten some later but not any more and probably for a while as well,” scolded my mom to me. But I wasn’t listening. This was my first taste of adventure. I knew what I had done was wrong but the excitement and sneaking also wanted me to do it again. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was a major crossed road in my life, to be good, or once and a while, let the excitement of doing the wrong thing reel me in.

I have always remember this day as a major event in my life from all the candy that I got to eat but more importantly my first act of doing the wrong thing which has been the cross road in my life ever since. I wondered if I had the chance again, would I do it all over again? No, I wouldn’t. I had learned my lesson.

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