Kenny Royce is the worst behaved kid at our school. He is ruthless. He eggs teachers’ houses. He steals. He cheats on tests and never gets caught. He isn’t a bully though; he mostly doesn’t interact with others. Kenny is usually alone. There are so many rumors about him. Some are almost impossible. Kids at my school believed that he stole a car or he robbed a bank, but there is no way he could do bad stuff like that. That is a little too farfetched, but the way he acts, the way he looks at you, it’s like he wants you to believe that the rumors are true. He only gets revenge on other kids if it is necessary, like if the kid deserved it. The one thing I do know about him is that he is untrustworthy. So when I opened the door that night and saw a kid with black wild hair, slightly pale skin, dark blue eyes, a hoody, and dark clothes, my first thoughts were, oh crap, it’s Kenny Royce!

I immediately shut the door and started to run for my room. I hated to run up my stairs because they were steep and made of wood. No time to turn the lights on so I just ran. It was dark and I think I stubbed my toe but that did not matter. As soon as I got to my room I noticed that he beat me to it. Kenny was literally in my room. It must be a dream, no one can teleport. Then I looked at my opened window which was perfectly aligned with a tree branch that looked like it could support an elephant. Next to that branch was a metal ladder. I wonder how that got there. Kenny was calm. He had his hands in his pockets like he had been waiting for me to come up since 7:30pm. By the way it is 7:40pm. I did nothing to Kenny so why would he come to me, or come for me. I didn’t do anything to him so he should not do anything to me. I wish my parents stayed up later. They go to bed at 7:00. It is unnatural, literally it is. My parents use sleeping pills to go to sleep so I can make as much noise as I want. They use sleeping pills so they can get up at 4:00am, again completely unnatural. (They use energy pills.)

My room always calmed me down. The wall was the perfect shade of blue. The light bounced off the blue wall and made my room look like Pandora from Avatar. It was nice and small. It was perfect. “I did not want to get blood on it so maybe I can bribe him or something, first I will ask to know what he thinks I did wrong” I thought

“What do you want with me Kenny?” I asked without confidence. He sat in my work chair crossing his legs on my desk like it was his and calmly responded with “Payback.”

My heart was racing, was he about to pull out a gun and shoot me? It felt like he was.

“What do you mean?” my voice was drifting away. He had a relaxed expression on his face.

“Don’t worry, it is not on you” he said like he was reading my mind. I relaxed.

“Oh thank god,” I said gasping.

The next thing I knew was running away from Alex Subner and his bb gun. I agreed to help Kenny with his revenge plan. Putting on all of this gear and taking Subner’s copy of GTA 5. I had to do it, what other option was there? We took Kenny’s Go-Kart. The plan was I distract him by selling him empty boxes of cookies. As I distracted him Kenny took the game and jumped out the open window. We regrouped in the front yard

“So did you get it” I asked excitedly. I felt such a rush right now. He shows me the game. Boom the front door opens.

“These are empty!” Alex yells. Of course that fatty wants to eat them now. It seems that Alex had a gun with a faded orange tip. He notices Kenny with his game because he put his name on it. He aims, that rush I felt turned to fear. We ran back to Kenny’s house. I was freezing. It was night so I was wearing black. The darkness of the lawn just made it more confusing. I gasped as a BB flew past my face.

When we got away, Kenny and I started to go to his house we went through the back so I could not see where we were. The outside of his house looked untouched, like Kenny is supposed to cut it, but he never does. The inside looked like Kenny had not done a lot of chores lately. I wonder why it is like this. There wasn’t garbage on the ground but there was dust, airsoft guns, and rubber band shooters. I decided to not ask why.

“We got GTA 5 from that bully Alex and now do ya want to play it?” Kenny responded. “Oh, first time,” Kenny said. “It is ok but do you want to play it or not?” he asked.

GTA 5 is one of the most violent games I have ever heard of. I did not even waste time asking my parents for it. Kenny said that Alex was a bully, I guess he was right, I never thought about it but the guy is a jerk. Alex is rich, he always cheats in games, and he lies. He never directly did anything to me though, maybe once.

“Yes,” I answered.

Kenny and I had a fun night. His room seemed to be the cleanest place in the house. The walls were a dark shade of orange. His X-Box was right next to his cable. He said the cable doesn’t work though. His bed took up a lot of space. There was a computer next to what looks like a workshop. He had a carpet with a zigzag pattern of blue and white. He said his parents were not home but I didn’t care anyway. It is so weird how in one night I am friends with this guy. Life likes to give ya a few surprises though.

At the end of the night I went home and I was thinking to myself, that I could not believe my house had been right next to Kenny’s all of this time. I went to bed and got ready to end the day with a new tomorrow.

It was Saturday so I did not need to go to Dillwood Middle School for more 7th grade work. A lot of kids made fun of our schools name. At breakfast I sat down and told my parents about my new friend. Well I did not tell everything about him. Our dining room was used for breakfast and lunch as well as diner. The walls were white and the furniture was wood. I always felt that walls always set the setting of the room.

Ding dong!” the door rang.

“I’ll get it” I announced. I opened the door and speak of the devil (literally) It was Kenny.

“Dude I don’t know what to do” Kenny said. As it turns out, Child Services found out about Kenny. Apparently he has no parents. He did not tell me why but apparently he doesn’t. They figured out all the things that Kenny did and they are sending him to boarding school. The conversation ended so fast because these 2 guys came in and took him away. I saw the van drive off and in the window I saw Kenny with his hands on the window.

I can’t believe what just happened. My new friend just went to boarding school because they figured out that he is an evil mastermind. To think of all the fun we had. It all happened in literally 15 hours.

2 years later I am now a freshman in high school still remembering the day where I lost my one true friend. After school that day life decided to throw yet another surprise my way.

Kenny Royce stood at my doorstep. I invited him in and we talked. Kenny was a whole new Kenny. He explained how he realized what a jerk he was back then. The boarding school was filled with people like him and so he is a new man now. He asked for until he gets this guardian thing worked out to stay with us. I asked my parents and told them Kenny’s story. They were fine with it and so now Kenny and I were best friends again. He explained everything to me but asked that I do not tell everything, like what boarding school he went to. So Mr. and Mrs. Royce, that is the story of your son and as soon as Child Services find out whom you are and gives you this letter please come and visit your son.



Adam Rowles

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