Can a Straw Save a Life?

Over one billion people, one sixth of the world’s population, don’t have access to safe water. The LifeStraw by the Vestergaard company solves this problem. The LifeStraw filters dirty water into pure, safe water. The LifeStraw has no batteries or working parts and removes up to 99.9 percent of waterborne bacteria. When you drink using the LifeStraw, you send the water through hollow fibers, pores less than .2 microns across . Any dirt or bacteria is caught on the pores and only clean water is sent through . The LifeStraw is an outstanding piece of technology and should be available to all it may benefit at an affordable price.

LifeStraw is a life-saving piece of technology. An estimated 6,000 people, mostly children, die a day from an illness related to unsafe water. These children live in the worst conditions imaginable. This ingenious device costs only a few dollars to consumers in developing countries, but even this may be too expensive. People need to work towards lowering the LifeStraw price so even the poorest of the poor can afford them. Interested consumers can visit for more information. Anyone in the United States can purchase a LifeStraw for $19.95 on For each LifeStraw sold, one child in the developing world receive clean water for an entire year. By purchasing a LifeStraw, you will save a child.

In addition, this technology is an extreme advance in water purification. Before the LifeStraw, water purification was expensive and often required electricity. This technology opens a world of opportunities. What if wells were created that filtered water before it spewed out? The water would flow out already safe! Millions of people would benefit.

Some people wonder why this invention is such a big deal when other water purification tools are available. But the drops and water tablets on the market are non-renewable. A one ounce bottle of aquamira water purification drops filter 30 gallons of water. A single LifeStraw filters 264 gallons of water . This difference is huge. Aquamira tablets cost $14.95 . This may suit western consumers, but for third world consumers, this price is unrealistic. The LifeStraw has been tailored to those in developing countries who need a simple and inexpensive water purification service.

Spread awareness about the LifeStraw or purchase one today to supply clean water to one person in a developing country for a year. Be water conscious and remember the billions of deaths brought on by unsafe drinking water. One straw can save a life.

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12 thoughts on “Can a Straw Save a Life?

  1. How heavy is it, won’t little kids lose it fast, I thought that some Bactria were good, why not give this to everyone. It was a great piece of writing but you should of had added some counter claims. Still it was an informational piece an taught me a lot.

  2. I am sorry to inform you that the bacteria the LifeStraw filters is extremely dangerous. Consumption of this bacteria leads to many diseases and death. Children will not lose the LifeStraw because it will be a meaningful piece of technology for them and the only way for them to have access to save water. The children will not lose this because the straw is so special to them.

    1. ” I am sorry to inform you that the bacteria the life straw filters is extremely dangerous” quote ccolangelohkms 2014 . that is a good thing, you should not be feeling sad about having killing Bactria being killed. What I said was ” I thought that some bacteria were good” Meaning not that I want bad bacteria to kill people what I’m asking is that what about the good helpful types of bacteria like in yogurt, is that killed of to?

  3. You can’t say that about all kids, some would treasure it but others might put it down an forget were they placed it.

  4. No. If these children din’t have clean water supplied to them by the LifeStraw, they’d die. If they want to live, they’d take care of the device.

  5. Also why should I buy this one over the others. There might be a cheaper straw that could do the same thing.

  6. I think it might be copy righted? I’m not sure though. But this is one special straw, it filters a lot of water.

  7. And Aidan, is there really a counter claim? I mean sure cost could be a problem, but unless you are anti-children, or selfish and against saving innocent lives there really should be no resistance in purchasing one of these devices.

    1. I never said what they were doing was not right, what I’m saying is they could of have had a better way of doing it.

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