Morning After Pill Avalible for Teens Without A Perscription

Plan B should be available for girls under seventeen because it is more safe than other morning after pills and abortion pills. It could also prevent abortion later on, and will keep a possibly pregnant teenager safe from teen pregnancy.

Plan B is a tablet that contains levonorgestrel (a drug used in different birth control pills.) It works by stopping the egg from releasing from the ovaries. If the pill is not taken with in three days of intercourse it will not work. Many people have been arguing saying that plan B is an abortion pill. Plan B simply prevents pregnancy from happening, so you don’t need to get an abortion later on. It is safe and should be available to young women who don’t want to risk the chances of being pregnant.

An alarming forty four percent of rape victims are under the age of eighteen. This is a huge reason why the pill should be sold to teens. If a teen girl has been raped she should be able to protect herself from unwanted pregnancy that could possibly ruin her life forever. Plan B is provided to girls in the hospital after they have been raped. This pill has already saved many teens from pregnancy. Some girls that are raped can not even carry the baby in her womb because they are so young. It is a simple solution to preventing pregnancy and is easy to use.

Being pregnant in highschool is probably one of the most humiliating thing a young women ever has to go through. This pill should be sold over the counter to all ages because being pregnant in your teenage years can ruin your education and social life. These girls have to go to school and face the humiliation from their peers. Being pregnant in highschool can ruin your chances of getting into college and pursuing your dreams. Pregnancy can cause you to struggle financially and not be able to support yourself.
Therefore the morning after pill also known as “Plan B” should be sold to people under the age of eighteen because it will prevent the humiliation from people at their school, aborting your own child, and should be available for victims of rape. When young women take this pill it will lower their rates of being pregnant and will insure their life to be the most they can get out of it. If girls under the age of eighteen have this pill, they will be able to have kids when they are ready.

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3 thoughts on “Morning After Pill Avalible for Teens Without A Perscription

  1. I agree. Plan B should be available for teens who made a “mistake”, but teens should have to consult a parent.

  2. I agree with you because if they do get pregnant for any reason, they will most likely be shamed and not want to tell their parents or an adult and non-prescription Plan B can help them with the problem.

  3. I agree with your statement that Plan B should be open to purchase for teens under the age of 18 I hate myself

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