Book Trailer: Holes

By Dana

Stanley Yelnats’ a 14 year old boy is under a 150 year old curse. This curse causes him , to be unlucky and sometimes that can get you in trouble. One day, he was walking on outside and a pair of Clyde Livingston’s shoes fell on him. These shoes were missing for quite some time and the cops were hot on this trail. They soon arrested him for stealing and went on trial. The judge made a crazy decision , instead of going to jail, he sentenced Stanley to 18 months at Camp Green Lake,but this was no ordinary camp. In fact, there wasn’t even a lake! It was all desert. What might they do at Camp Green Lake, you might ask? Well, they dig holes, 5X5 feet holes. At this camp they dig a hole everyday, but if you find something in that hole that looks interesting, you get to show it to the Warden, and if she approves you get the day off from digging the rest of that hole. What does the Warden do with the those valuable items, that the juveniles But the real question is , will he ever get the curse broken and return back to his regular life?

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