Walk in the Woods


2 girls were walking in the woods with the Woodpeckers pecking.  No one was in sight.  It was always quiet no one was any there.  The girls always strolled to relax and talk but they were there for a different reason this time.  They were there looking for a figure that they saw run in the woods.

They heard something! Whistling.  From behind them.

“Ahhh” They whooshed out of there as fast as they could.

They just kept running and running and running they ran so much it was a race by the time they got home.  (It was a block away).

“Did you see what was back there?” Rachel said.

“No” Michelle replied

“There is normally no one there.”

“ Was it a person?”

“ Of course! It was whistling”

“Did you see a figure?”

“Yes, it was dressed in all black and was wearing a black mask.”

“lets go back in”

So they went back in the woods but Michelle would rather mow her whole 10 acer lawn then go back in.  Just when they got back in they heard the whistling again.  And the figure was ahead of them.  The girls just kept walking forward to catch up with the Figure. The Figure kept whistling and the girls kept walking faster and faster, but so did the Figure.  Michelle and Rachel finally caught up with the Figure.  The Figure turned and hide on the other side of the the tree thinking that the girls would see it but they did they caught the Figure and ripped the mask off and saw…

There best friend

By the time they got home they knew just what to do to her so Michelle and Rachel went down the loud creaking stairs. The decaying smell pestered them as they took a step toward the rodent as they grabbed the mouse and is smooshed through the bag.  The girls opened the door and dropped the mouse in her car.


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