Parker’s Letter Essay #9: “39 Clues Maze of Bones”

I just finished reading 39 clues book one by Rick Riordan. It has 220 pages and the genre is mystery. It is an average sized book but it feels like a short read because of how good the action and suspense is. I chose this book because I have had this book for a while and I needed to read a mystery book.

Many and Dan Cahill are are the poorest out of the whole Cahill family. Amy and Dan wants to prove to the other rich Cahills that after there parent’s death they are told at their grandmothers funeral that a huge “treasure” has unfolded and one of the Cahills will find this “treasure” and become the most powerful people in the world! Watch Amy, Dan and their babysitter/guardian on a life threatening  quest to find this treasure. There are many twists and turns throughout the story.

I noticed how the author used amazing description words to set the feeling for the story. I feel that the author should’ve eliminated the parts that weren’t important to the story.

This passage occurs on page 56 and 57. I quoted this passage because of the action and while I was reading it, I got lost in the words and only imagined what was going on in the story. It shows how the author uses words to set the setting and emotion of the scene. Right now Amy and Dan just received the first clue and is making their way to figure out what it means.

“Think she ordered herself. If she were Grace (the grandmother) she would never make a secret room with only one exit.

Amy sank to the floor, coughing and choking. All she could see was the oriental carpet—a parade of woven silk dragons.

Dragons…like the one on Grace’s necklace. And they were all flying in one direction, like they were all leading the same way. It was a crazy idea but it was all she had.”

I rate this book a 8.5 because of the suspense and a lot of intense scenes. It’s a great book for whoever enjoys mystery and action packed books.


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