Claire’s Letter- Essay “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”

I just finished reading Ransom Riggs’s book ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’. This 369 page fantasy novel is about a boy whose grandfather died with some very surprising last words that make this boy question everything about his grandfather. I chose this book because it just sounded good and was one of the number one New York Times’s best sellers.

Jacob Portman, fifteen year old boy who lives is Englewood, Florida, wants to find out what actually happened to his grandfather as a child, and if ‘the monsters’ actually did exist, after he died with some alarming last words. But, because Jacob thinks he saw ‘the monster’ that killed his grandfather, everyone thinks he has gone crazy and now has acute stress reaction, making it very difficult for Jacob’s family to believe him, or even sometimes for him to believe in himself.

I really liked the way the author included pictures in the book. Alone, I really loved the story, but the pictures really brang the story to life.

The main character, Jacob, really grew thought this book a lot, discovering new things in himself. I also thought that another important character, Miss Peregrine, grew a lot throught the book as well, learning to take charge over the peculiars.

I really enjoyed the following passage:

“I was plagued by wake-up-screaming nightmares so bad that I had to wear a mouth guard to keep from grinding my teeth into nubs as I slept. I couldn’t close my eyes without seeing it-that tentacle mouth horror in the woods. I was convinced it had killed my grandfather and that it would soon return for me. Sometimes that sick panicky feeling would flood over me like it did that night and I’d be sure that nearby, lurking in a stand of dark trees, beyond the next car in a parking lot, behind the garage where I kept my bike, it was waiting.

My solution was to stop leaving the house. For weeks I refused even to sitting on the dryer with my laptop was trying to lose myself in online gamesventure into the driveway to collect the morning paper. I slept in a tangle of  blankets on the laundry room floor, the only part of the house with no windows and also a door that locked from the inside. That’s where I spent the day of my grandfather’s funeral,  sitting on the dryer with my laptop trying to lose myself in online games(page 39)”

I enjoyed that passage because it shows how the author provides so much detail, and drags out every scene, making sure that you understand. This book is definetly one of my new favorite books and I would rate it a ten out of ten, because of how the story keeps you guessing.

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5 thoughts on “Claire’s Letter- Essay “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”

  1. This book seems really good! This is one of the books I want to read over the summer. I really liked the passage.

  2. Claire,

    Your post was great. I’m actually reading the book currently and is amazing so far. I remember reading in the passage about the monster and I was shocked that it actually existed. I also loved how they added the sometimes creepy pictures.-Ifreire

  3. Claire,

    I really liked your blog post about this book. One of my friends told me about this book, but never really described it. After reading your post I’m definitely going to read this book!

    Oh come if your have a chance come visit our blog.


  4. Claire,

    Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children sounds like a great book. I’ll make sure to read it. Are there other books you recommend that are like this book?

    – jdavid2

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