Brett, Where Are You From?

I’m from taking family vacations to Florida or Bermuda or any place we go on vacation to. Trips to Florida to visit family or to whether it’s Florida or Bermuda or any place family vacations are always fun!


I’m from one of the coldest, windiest football games ever played in Gillette Stadium. The home of the New England Patriots. On January 10th the Patriots beat the Ravens 35-31 after overcoming two 14 point deficits. It also happened to be one of the coldest and windiest games ever played at Gillette. The Patriots went on to win Super Bowl 49.

I’m from all of the Yankees games I’ve been to with my dad and my family. All of the historic wins to devastating losses have all been fun to watch. Whether it’s a high scoring game or a pitching duel the games are always exciting to experience. Proud to say “All 27 of em’”.

I’m from hanging out with my friends. Like going to Uconn for a sleep away basketball camp with my friends or going to brownstone park to jump off cliffs and go on zip lines with my friends it’s always a blast to hang out with them.


I’m from a place in Connecticut where very few Patriot fans are found. Most people, including my friends are Jets or Giants fans but I am different because I like the Patriots. I will always be a Patriots fan. No matter what I’ll go through horrible loses like the Giants in 2007 after winning 18 straight games or beating the Seahawks 24-21 in super bowl 49.


I’m from football, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, and any sport you can find. I love all sports. It can be just having a football catch in the backyard or get as intense as the championship game in basketball.

I’m that cold weather-watching, patriot-loving, yankees-rooting, hanging-out with friends, sports-playing kinda person.


That’s where I’m from.


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4 thoughts on “Brett, Where Are You From?

  1. I really liked the amount of description that you applied to the sentence when you said about all of the Yankees historic moments that you have witnesses, I like it because I could picture the Yankees stadium and the Yankees going to another championship. I would recommend describing something like a vacation you went on besides the sports teams that you like . I have also witnessed my favorite football team the NY Jets make the playoffs and your description reminded me of how good that moment was with my family.

  2. Brett
    I really like how you used dialouge to express how you feel about being a yankee fan. I can relate to this too because i am also a yankee fan and have enjoyed seeing the best franchise of all time win all of these games. Twenty seven world series wins is an amazing achievement and it is great how you included that innyour peive tommake it stronger and more fun to read. I am very happy to be able to have seen the yankees win all of these playoff games…. Thank the good lord for making me a yankee (instead of a met)

  3. Brett

    I enjoyed your stanza about going to Yankees games, I can relate it’s fun to go to those and do they usually win or lose when you go? Overall it was a really good piece.


  4. Brett,
    I enjoyed reading your poem. I liked the stanza where you talked about going to Florida and Bermuda and it doesn’t matter to you where you go because either fine for u to go on vacation to. I as well liked how you included all the sports that you played and how you love almost any sport. great poem.


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