Colin, Where Are You From?

Colin, Where Are You From?

I’m from scaling the massive green pine tree in my front yard and watching my parents pull in the driveway. When they were out of their car, I would shout their name from my nest and chuckle at the confused looks on their faces.

I’m from Gate 4 at Yankee Stadium, cheering as Mariano Rivera closed out the game and dropping my jaw as David Robertson and Mark Teixeira signed my ball. I’m from the captain Derek Jeter, and when I saw Robinson Cano hit a solo shot over the mini Mountain Dew sign.

I’m from long, traffic-packed rides up to Kennebunkport Maine and a quiet laid back guest resort (“resort” is a strong word) with a 5 minute stroll to the ice-cold water and walks down to the private area. Once we get to the end, we climb over the jagged rocks to the uninhabited part.

I’m from Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, and the glorious helmet catch, cheering as JPP sacks the QB and Odell’s leaning-back-one-handed catch. I’m from 2012, with Victor Cruz and the Salsa dance, and Giants 21, Patriots 17.

I’m from the sizzling frying pan in the morning, with eggs (scrambled) and bacon, a little on the chewy side. If not, then off to the cabinet with Fruit Loops, Cocoa Krispies, and Frosted Flakes.

I’m that pine tree-climbing, Yankee Stadium-going, Maine beach-walking, New York Giants-watching, breakfast-eating person.

That’s where I’m from.

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8 thoughts on “Colin, Where Are You From?

  1. colin I really liked the part where you talked about the giants and how they made all those crazy plays and maybe you can go into more depth and describe them like Odell’s catch, tell me more about it. How did it look? when did it happen? was there pass interference? I would like to know about those details.
    Keep writing


  2. Dear Colin,
    I really enjoyed your piece. I liked how you described the way your parents pulling into your driveway and shouting at them. Maybe, you can describe of what you see when going to Maine. Otherwise, good writing piece.

  3. Colin,
    Your word choice was incredible. Through your words I got a glimpse into your life. I think you should add more description in stanza two, I liked the detail about you getting a ball signed by David Robertson and Mark Teixera, but how did you get the ball signed? Did you come early and see them? Did you have really close seats? Great job.

  4. Colin,
    I really liked your poem (although I can’t agree with the Yankees, Go Red Sox!!). Do you go to Maine every year?
    Jake Fones

    P.S. How Bout dem mets!!

    1. Colin,
      I really enjoyed your poem. I liked the line you put in where you sit in Yankee Stadium and the feeling you got when David Roberston and Mark Texiera signed your baseball. I also enjoyed the first line where you say that you scale the big pine tree in y our front yard. Great job on your poem Colin.


  5. Colin,
    I really liked the part about you yelping at your parents when you are in a tree. Also when you talked wbout maine i felt like i was there. A somewhat radical adventure you had in maine. – your pal christian

  6. Dear Colin,
    I really enjoyed reading what you wrote. The details of the Giants 2012 season, and past seasons have given me flashbacks to those historic memories, Also, I really thought you gave enhancing details of your own experiences at Yankee stadium, such as watching Robinson Cano hit a solo shot over the Mountain Dew sign. One thing you could have done to improve was give more details of what it is like in Maine, and how it is different from Easton, overall I really thought this was a well written description of yourself.

  7. Colin,

    I liked the detail you put into your poem. You put a description behind every thing you choose to include in your writing. I liked your lines about Yankee Stadium and Maine. Nice job!

    – Michael Farnen

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