Kamron, Where are you From?

I’m from playing soccer on Ssndays with my Easton-Reading United and winning 2-1 against Fairfield, before watching Chelsea mount their title run while Eden Hazard makes a run for European Player of the Year while he’s scoring a hat-trick.


I’m from the beach in the Bahamas and spending time with my family and friends. Or under the bridge in a little shack eating conch that is fresh off the boat with tomatoes, onions, cucumber, and a little bit of goat pepper.


I’m from a family of my crazy (but in a good way) Mom, analytical Dad, little sister Kaidyn, who I am pretty sure is psychotic, and my older sister Cassandra, the quiet one of the bunch. We have a big golden doodle dog named Rudolph, or Rudy for short, who likes to run and has a girlfriend.


I’m from Taco Tuesday with the family and dog. We would be devouring oven-burned tortillas and fresh toppings from the garden. My dog would be jumping on the counter trying to get the food. “Off Rudy,” My mom would shout,”Get off!”


I’m from long hours in the kitchen, whether it be cooking up fettuccine alfredo or cooking scrambled eggs. We always made some type of mess and always had to clean it up. But in the end, we always made some delicious food.


I’m a soccer-watching, Bahamas-loving, crazed-family, taco-eating, and cooking-loving type of guy.

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6 thoughts on “Kamron, Where are you From?

  1. Kam,
    I’m impressed that you did this while missing class today. And I do really like the effort you put into adding details to your piece, like that delicious conch meal you describe eating while at that shack. I love spicy food and all types of peppers, but I’d be reluctant to try “goat” pepper; that sounds gross.
    Mr. Jockers

  2. Kam,
    I am very pleased by reading your poem. I like how you included many memories. Also i like how you included family events. One thing you could work on is spelling.
    Jake petrino.

  3. Kam,
    I enjoyed ready you piece, it showed great detail and even better stories. I also liked how you said that your family is crazy in a good way because I can relate.

    – Luke G

  4. Kam,
    I liked how you described all of your activites you like to do and how you touched all of your writing territories.

  5. Kam, I really enjoyed reading your poem. I liked how you included your interest in soccer, that’s one we both definitely share. I also found your section about cooking interesting, whats your favorite thing to cook? Over all Great Job.

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