Luke, Where Are You From?


I’m from the busy town of Stamford cars going by and stores on every street corner


I’m from the sandy beaches of Milford in my elevated beach house hearing a crash with every wave

I’m from the forests of Easton where everyone knows your name

I’m from spending time with the people I care about each and every day


I’m from The busy hallways of Helen Keller middle school with children from 6th to 7th and 8th grade not one the same


I’m from My Italian family in which every day a new story to tell at the holidays


I’m that city-living, beach-loving, small town-living, hallway-running, storytelling person

That is where I am from.

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3 thoughts on “Luke, Where Are You From?

  1. Luke
    Good poem Luke. I really like how you mentioned where you came from. Also how you compared where you live now and where you lived before.
    Jake Petrino

  2. Hi Luke!!
    Your poem was really good! I liked how you described your beach house!!! The pictures your added in were really good and brought your poem to life. Adding more detail to your sentences is something you could fix but besides that it was really good!!!!

    Hannah Wergeles

  3. Luke,
    This is a great poem, I like how you described all the places that you stay at or go to on a regular basis, I think that you could’ve added more detail on each stanza, such as an important memory from them. I also liked how you decided how every single person from each grade is different and there is never a routine.

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