Jake Where Are You From?

I’m from the loving parents of Lynn, and Bill, the rambunctious twin Tyler, and the 17 year old mayor of the house Chaisen.


I’m from the big gray house behind the ugly royal blue house with the bright yellow door, the brand new pool in my backyard, the messed up lawn in the backyard and the go-kart that caused it.

I’m from the crazy dreams that haunt me almost every night, with devils, skeletons strangling me and other unfortunate events.

I’m from the two cats that have came and went, Ziggy, and Crazy one due to health issues and the other due to a racoon, and the two new cats to come.

I’m from the wacked up friends that will do ANYTHING just to see me crack up so hard I almost start crying and have to go to the bathroom.

I’m from the Mets, Celtics, and Giants games I have been fortunate to go to over the years not ruining the experience by worrying about who is going to win

I’m that crazy-twinning, go-kart.-driving, strange-dreaming, cat-loving, pro sports-watching, always-laughing boy.


That’s where I’m from.


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7 thoughts on “Jake Where Are You From?

  1. Jake,
    I really liked how you put together this piece. At some parts I was laughing even though I have already heard it from you. I liked the part where you said “the messed up lawn in the backyard and the go-kart that caused it”, that was very well said, and funny!

  2. Jake,
    I enjoyed reading your poem. I especially liked the part where you talk about your messy lawn and the go-kart that caused it. I also liked the pictures. They really helped me picture what you talked about.

    Grant Kornblatt

  3. Jake,
    I really enjoyed your poem. I especially like the way you described each one of your family members and your backyard. It helped me picture it in my mind even though I’ve been there multiple times. As said by Tiernan and Grant I also enjoyed the line “my messy yard and the go-cart and what caused it.” I also really liked the pictures that go along with the poem, some made me laugh and some also helped me see in my mind what your house looks like again.
    -Parker Barnett

  4. Jake,

    I really liked your poem. You added lot’s of description into your writing that explained a lot about you and your family. I liked your line about your yard and the the house infront of you, as well as your line about your go kart ruining your yard. Nice job Jake!

    – Michael Farnen

  5. Dear Jake,
    I really enjoyed your poem. But one thing that really stuck out was when you were talking about your dreams. What kind of shows do you watch that cause those nightmares. Like I get nightmares here and there but not every night. But the real reason I pick this is because the level of description in it was great I could really picture you getting strangled by skeletons. Good Job!

    Julio Calish

  6. Jake
    I really liked reading your poem, I liked how you described the dreams you were having and how skeletons were strangling you and also the line where you added ,”and other unfortunate events” one thing you could’ve added is a specific experience at the games that you went to.

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