Carl, Where Are You From?

Carl, Where are you from?

 I’m from, The white lined field where I pursue one of my main talents , dew filled field where I kick the ball into the air, long green grass where I make slide tackles , dirt filled puddles where I  play my hardest , white netted soccer pitch.


I’m from, The deep waters where millions of aquatic lives strive below, fish filled vast ocean, lure running that will soon catch a fish , crystal clear,  murky, seaweed filled where my hooks get stuck , tight lined with the fish on the other side putting up a hard fight, oceans/ponds.


I’m from, The pasta filled machines using filling and dough coming from all angles , sometimes loud, sometimes silent, machine filled, lots of people all over each doing different jobs , huge pasta factory.


I’m from, The beaches, Mexico where all you had to do was dive down in the water and you could find a conch shell, Dominican Republic where the water was clear as air, California where my uncle used to live , Florida where snorkeling was unbelievable, Maine where we had our amazing family vacation, Carolina waters that we stop at when we’re on our way to Georgia to see my cousins .



I’m from The paint filled papers covered with drawings and endless pencil sketches, full of ideas about random pictures, creative sculpting, multi colored, black and white pictures/drawings/ sculptures/ of my likes and interests.  


I’m from, The two brothers and one sister,  GianThomas, Sebastian and Clare, one black and white cat named pebbles, Mom, Dad, home.


I’m That, Soccer playing, Fishing loving, Pasta Making, Beach going, Art creating, Family loving Guy.

That’s where I’m from.


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