Tyler, Where Are You From?

Tyler Petrino, Where Are You From?


I’m from waking up each morning and getting a nice cup of orange juice, making sure there is no pulp left in the juice. Then heading to school and waiting for the day to end, and when I get home I always hear someone say… “How was school”. The days keep repeating until the weekend.


I’m from taking trips to Citi Field,( Mets Stadium) and watching jose reyes steal the last base of his career. Hoping the Mets could just win one more game to make it to the playoffs, and win their third world series.


I’m from, long weekends at my lake house in Massachusetts. Spending days and nights tubing and fishing. Waking up each morning always excited about what we are going to do next. Then, going on the porch and eating the best ice cream in town.


I’m from, all day wiffle-ball tournaments with all my friends. Hitting home runs and always having a great time. Sweating and getting tired and everyone jumping in the pool to cool off.


I’m from, days and nights at our house in North Carolina, body surfing and getting smacked by the huge waves. Heading onto the beach and playing a game of frisbee. Going inside to our popcorn machine and taking a huge handful of it. I’m from strawberry daiquiris, and hanging out in the hot tub.


I’m from, every summer day spending time at my club in, Fairfield. Playing golf and tennis with my friends, and then jumping off the highest diving board, into the freezing water.


I’m from watching the giants every sunday praying that they will win. Making great food and watching Eli Manning throw a dart to Plaxico Burress to beat the patriots in the super bowl, my cousin Christopher running around the house yelling, “the giants won the superbowl, the giants actually won”.


I’m that orange juice-drinker, Citi field-going, tubing-machine, hitting home-runs, body-surfing, golf-playing, Super Bowl-winning person.

                     That’s where I’m from.

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