Sarah’s Letter Essay #3 a Corner Of The Universe

I just finished reading a Corner of The Universe by Ann M. Martin, a 187 pg non-fiction book. This book was based on the author’s experience with her uncle. This book was a 2002 Newbery Honor book, I chose this book because when I was in the library I read the back and it seem.ed like a really good book.

This book is about a Eleven-year-old Hattie Owen lives with her mother and father in Millerton, a town in the northeastern United States, during the 1960s. Her parents run a boarding house. Hattie is very comfortable in her life and enjoys the familiarity of her family and the friends who live in the house with her.
Nana and Papa are Hattie’s grandparents her mother’s parents; they are very wealthy and live in Millerton as well. Any time Hattie and her parents visit, they must be well dressed and follow all of the proper social customs that They believe in.

The school year is ending, and Hattie says goodbye to her only friend who is her age, Betsy McGruder Hattie loves Millerton and everything about it . She does not want any of it to change and is looking forward to spending the summer in Millerton. Over the summer her mother tells her that she has an uncle who is mentally challenged, Adam he has been living in a special home his entire life; he is her mother’s younger brother and is twenty-two. The special home that Adam was staying in closed. So Hattie’s family has to deal with Adam. Over time Hattie develops a relationship with Adam and for the first time Hattie sees what it’s like to see beyond the small town of Millerton.

I would recommend this book to anyone that likes books with a big plot change. I liked the way the author based the book off her memory of not knowing her uncle, I think that it makes the book feel more really because she knows what it feels like. I noticed how the author start the book out like Hattie’s life was normal but throughout the book her life gets a lot more complicated.
“I imagine Nana and Papa and their immaculate home. I try to picture Adam in it. Maybe Nana and Papa think he doesn’t fit in there. Certainly, he is not part of the perfect world Nana has worked so hard to create.” (pg. 34)
This quote shows what was running through Hattie’s mind when she found out she had an uncle she never knew about. I liked this quote because while I was rea

ding this I thought this was what the author felt when she found out she had and uncle she never knew about. Also how that kind of reaction is what makes the book good because the reactions and thoughts Hattie has sound so real.

I would rate this book a 9 because it was a really good book but there were minor changes I would make to make it a 10. Overall I really liked this book.

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  1. Dear Sarah,

    Your book sounds very good. I really like the passage you chose to quote and it seems like a good book. I want to try to read it.

    Maddy O

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