John’s Letter Essay #3: Devastation

Recently I finished the book called Devastation, The 300 something page dystopian novel was published in august of 2010 by Gloria Skurzynski an award winning children’s novelist. She was born in 1930 and is 85 years old! I can’t believe that she is still publishing her books. I read this book because it was extremely interesting and i love dystopian books. If you like to read dystopian genre books you would like this.

In the book, Devastation, Fourteen-year-old Corgan was born for this moment- quite literally. Conceived in a test tube by Federation scientists and raised outside the reach of human touch, he has been genetically engineered and conditioned to be the perfect virtual warrior. He has quick reflexes, physical superiority, and high intelligence, but Corgan has never met a real- live human being. Enter the beautiful Sharla, Corgan’s teammate for the battle. She’s bold, she’s rebellious, and she’s about to show Corgan all that the Federation has been keeping from him…

I didn’t like how the story was like two stories into one, like how they first fought the virtual war then they won because sharla cheated. After winning they went their separate ways, Corgan to the isles of hiva and sharla to her lab. I dont like how Sharla didn’t only save one of brig’s clones because after brig died the supreme council questioned Sharla’s victory and they might have to refight the war!

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2 thoughts on “John’s Letter Essay #3: Devastation

  1. This is really good I like the description you gave of the book. It makes me want to read this. It sounds like a really good book, and you did a really good job on your letter essay.

  2. I really liked all of the description that you put into the essay, and I really got a good understanding of the book and I would like to read it when I finish the book I am reading right now. I like how you mentioned how surprised you were so surprised because of how old the author was. What did you really not like about the book? Overall your essay was great and I cant wait to read the book.

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