Mom’s Worst Birthday

My family and I had a great vacation on Spring Break in Myrtle Beach South Carolina even though we didn’t have the greatest weather.  Maybe the weather was a sign of what was ahead of us on our journey home.  We were all packed into my mom’s minivan heading toward CT when it all started. Who could have predicted the trip home?

The day we started our journey home, was also my mom’s birthday.  It is tradition in my family to celebrate birthdays at Sukura, a family favorite.  This year was no different except, since we were traveling home from vacation we would be picking up the food and bringing it home.  I was really looking forward to this.  Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned.  It started with the flat tire.  I don’t know how this happened, but it did.  Thankfully a nice man pulled over and helped us.  We were at a gas station when the kind man put a doughnut on our car.  We were finally on our way home.

As we approached New York, we encountered another issue.  My family and I got into a car crash on the highway in moms minivan. My sister Casey bruised her knee because her knee bounced off the side of the car really hard.  My dad hurt his neck and back from the impact on the side of the car. My mom hurt her wrist a little and I was the only one who was okay.  We continued our journey home after the crash.

Finally we made it home.  We were all anxious to settle in from our vacation.  When we got to the front door, we realized we were locked out of the house.  Luckily our tenants were home so we were able to go through their door to get to our house.  My sister ended up going to the doctors because of her knee.  We finally celebrated my mom’s birthday, but it was definitely my mom’s worst birthday ever.

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3 thoughts on “Mom’s Worst Birthday

  1. Nice story, Tyler; I especially like the part when the “kind man” puts a doughnut on your car. This story says a lot about you that caught my attention, like the fact that you like Chinese food. I personally LOVE Chinese food(dumplings are my favorite). Also when you mentioned tenants I it sparked my thinking of a pun Mr. Jockers told us last year. On a different note I think you should try to slow it down and describe things more so it doesn’t sound too rushed. Overall it was a great memoir.


  2. Dear Tyler,

    I very interesting story. First of all Sakura is the best restaurant to celebrate at also hopefully you had a good time in North Carolina !

  3. Dear Tyler,
    I really enjoyed reading your story. I thought it was bad when you got a flat tire, but I didn’t expect you to get in a car crash! I liked the details you added about going to Sakura as a tradition, it added a lot to the story. I didn’t know Sakura was a Chinese restaurant.

    -Zoe W.

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