“We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Base!”

“Ahhh,” We shouted as we lunged towards our enemies. With one swift blow I swept their legs out from underneath them, crippling them for a moment. While taking him prisoner I thought about how this took precise planning over a long period of time, and how all of it was time spent well with my friends. It all started a week ago with 1 adventure…
                                                                      . . .

It was our last year of middle school football and it was coming to a close in one week. I was solem with the idea of never playing middle school football again but relieved that it was over and that now I can play in the big leagues (meaning High School Football). After each year of playing good ol’ F-ball as I call it, my dad throws a BBQ for the team and the coaches (him being the head coach). During this event we usually went in my 102 acres of woods. So, David cusick, Thomas Richetelli, and I all started planning ahead for our annual battle in the woods. One day David and Tom were over my house and we decided to climb Pop’s Belly (A mountain range in my backyard named after my grandfather’s belly). When we reached our destination after completing our trek up the dangerous mountain, we saw the most glory filled view. Fall leaves of different colors float like airplanes for ants through the sky. The air smelled crisp making the inside of your nose tingle. As we stared out at my vast land we felt the breeze brush against us. Before we began planning we realized that in the past years people have been swarming like bees to honey on this mountain. It also is the most visible point of my land. We began to discuss a more suitable base for us.
“Right behind the mountain there are boulders the size of elephants, we could go hide near those,” I suggested.
“Yeah we can go check that out but we should probably have different escape routes though,” David stated boldly.
We began making our way down the other side of the mountain towards the huge boulders. When we reached the boulders we saw the base. It was on top of a slippery slope that was so steep it was almost impossible to climb. We began ascending up this treacherous track. And when we reached the top it was higher than the trees. The view was stupendous, we could see all of my land in one view, we could even see a cell tower (which gave us great reception obviously). When we began planning we decide to call our group the Red Rebels and called our base Rebel Rock. Later we had to descend down the mountain and back on the trail. I can only imagine what will happen on the day of the BBQ.
              . . .
It was the day before the big day and I had all 5 rebels come over to discuss and plan.
We went up the mountain, up to the base. We started to find sticks to use as weapons and started training with them. We began creating an outer layer of a fortress. We will be prepared for Sunday. As all of our troops were appointed positions in our platoon we began making leaders for the big battle. The plan was set and we were ready for anything.
 . . .
It was the big day and we were all prepared. We began our trek to the base and began planning an attack. I had grabbed some Walkie Talkies for the footsoldiers (Louie and I) to talk to the other people who were guarding the base. As we began searching for stragglers in the woods we received an urgent message from Rebel Rock.
“The imperials (The other Redding and Easton Football Players) have entered the base, I repeat the imperi-” CCCZZZCH
The walkie talkie went silent. We ran our butts back to base as fast as we could. When we reached the base we saw a war taking place. There were fights lashing out everywhere, Redding,Easton, and the Rebels all clashed. We began ascending up the mountain and started fighting back. I slashed left I slashed right but it was no use.

They had taken over the base!
Suddenly, I was gripping for a branch… but it was too late I began tumbling down the mountainside at a rapid speed. When I finally reached the bottom I could only hear one voice… my Dad’s shouting dinner. We all stopped and made our way back to my house.


As me and my friends laughed and ate hot dogs together, I realized something. We were growing up and moments like these don’t happen to often anymore. Usually it’s all about staying inside with technology, but we spent 12 hours outside planning for this. Coldplay once said “We live in a beautiful world,” but nowadays it might as well say we live in a digital world. But, I like to think that I lived in a beautiful nature-filled world one last time with my friends. And in moments like those… time stands still.

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2 thoughts on ““We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Base!”

  1. Caden
    Good job on your memoir. That was a fun time. I really liked how you included the name of the mountain and how all of us prepared for the attack. You included key events throughout that night. Good job on your memoir.
    Sincerely Will

  2. Dear Caden,

    I remember reading your memoir in per.1 I.L.A. today it was the first one I read. (Also because it was directly in front of me) I liked all the names you included for the mountains and your whole planning sequence. Since I’ve been to your house I know what your backyard is like. Great describing the scenery. Also clever title.
    -Parker B.

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