Ground Zero : Black Hawk Down



As we pull into the parking lot in my friend’s minivan, we hear shots being fired. We put on our gear and load our weapons. We stop and grab our care package out of the trunk and move to our AO. We put the care package down and get ready for game team. We load our extra mags and put them into our plate carriers. We grab extra propane and c02 for our secondary. We hear 2 whistle blows that means 5 minutes til game time. We make our way to the gate. When they blow the whistle we move fast to our spawn. TWEEETTTT the whistle blows the game begins. My team moved to the village but the enemies beat us there they already had the village. Our goal at the moment was to take the village back. Max, John, Chris, and I go take a village outside of the main one. Max and I are in the tree line, im using a sniper ranging 550 fps, max is protecting my back using and m4.  I see movement right outside of the village, I scope in on them to confirm they are not friendly.

They weren’t.

There were 6 people moving into our village. I scoped in on one and BOOM one down. The enemies scrambled. BOOM another one down. The enemies noticed me and scrambled to cover, my friend radioed to our other teammate John to get him over here. “We are pinned down in the forest” said Max. John was flanking the enemies from behind. Max and I pushed up to become unpinned, we see John flanking them and we begin to give im cover fire. I unholster my 1911 and unload the clip into the enemy’s positions and load another one. John takes down the 3 that are left. We thank John and move to the main village with him to support our team.

Our team retook the base and we need to hold it until the we rescue the hostage. We moved fast and entered the village from behind, i took one of the towers and scoped into the forest and took some shots. The enemies were hiding in the forest trying to retake the village.

We have team heading out for the hostage. We got radioed that they have the hostage and are now moving towards the village but are receiving heavy enemy fire. Max, John and I are moving towards the team to support, i only had my pistol because of the range my sniper is useless. We push into the area and head for cover, i fire into the trees and run for the village with the team we are all firing into the tree line. We hear our team behind get shoot up we have some wounded but our main priority is the hostage, we see the village ahead about 100 meters. We make a hard dash for the village and TWEEEEETTTTTTT  the whistle blows. WE WIN the team screams.

We Won.


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